Lego star wars ARC-170 Starfighter 8088

ARC-170 Starfighter 8088 is here

Lego star wars arc 170 starfighter 8088 set is a LEGO Star Wars: Episode III: Sith Revenge released in December 2009. The set includes 396 tracks and includes Kit Fisto, Captain Jag, Pilot Clone and R4 -P44 Minifigures. Star wars arc 170 starfighter set features three Minifigures launchers and two fire rockets. ARC blades are known as S-foil blades, similar to those found on ships of the X-Wing class. The Starfighter ARC-170 is the predecessor of the X-Wing. However, the leaf flaps S contain a vertical wing between the portions of the opening wing. Arc 170 lego set the blade segments can be “opened” by rotating the TECHNIC shaft on the back of the ship.

This shaft is also used for “firefighting” firefighting missiles. Engine components are larger than the original ARC-170 LEGO performance, using larger wheels for use similar to those included in the 7261 Clone Turbo Tank set, in white only. Also, lego star wars arc fighter unlike the first model, the rear canister has two barrels – one abdominal cannon above, one rear cannula on the side – instead of a single barrel above. This set includes many new pieces for 2010, including 2×4 tiles, 1×2 cheese slopes, and the redesigned soap with cannabis attached to a four-pin hinge. The old version can be found here, like the first LEGO version of the ARC-170 Starfighter.

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Background of star wars arc 170 starfighter

The Offensive 170 Starfighter Redesign, or simply the ARC-170 Starfighter, was an asteroid and heavy bomb used by the Democratic Army in the final days of the Clone War. Lego star wars arc 170 starfighter 7259 ship has six proton torpedoes in addition to the cannons mounted on lasers and larger than most other military starfighters. They are known to accompany other, smaller agonists, such as V-wing asteroids and Eta-2 interceptors. The crew consists of three clone pilots – a pilot, a forward weapon to control the wing blades, a tail gunner to control the rear arms, and an Astromech Droid to do whatever it takes. on-board repair or navigation.

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Let’s check here some more information about box

At the front of the box shows the Navigating Clone flying with Kit Fisto on the Starfighter ARC-170 with some explosions next to it, while in the lower right they show the minifigs that accompany the set with their names. The top of the box shows the actual size of each Minifigure, while the back of the box shows the ability to play ARC-170 Starfighter and photos from other Star Wars sets are released simultaneously.

There are four numbered brick bags in the box where each bag contains different starfighter accessories as well as a sticker sheet, instruction book and two loose wheel pieces that are not packaged in any bag. To assemble your own ARC-170 Starfighter, click HERE to view the instructions.

The rear laser arsenal is connected to each other. So, if we rotate the top laser gun, the bottom rotates in the same direction. The laser cannon can also be adjusted in the sense that you can adjust the angle to pull the target higher for the top and bottom for the bottom.

Integrated model

Compared to the previous one, the cockpit is wider and the front windshield can be opened and closed. The rear-mounted cannon also shows an improvement. Although the mechanism of bombing changed with fire defence missiles.

Box art front

Interestingly, the picture is similar to the old piece of art for 7259. In this box, you get all the new styles compared to the old 7259. I like the background of the planet. Since the previous version was fun, it would make sense. This new one is a Starfighter so a battle background would be better, but it would be a little dirty.

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 Box art back is best for you

Return to the box. It shows what the ARC-170 can do. Like opening the cockpit. How to open the wings by turning the gear on the back of the ship. And how to shoot two rockets below the ship. You want to hit the speed at the back of the ship by hitting the back of the missiles to launch them. The older 7259 drops a bomb when you pull the tool behind the ship.

Parts bags

Nothing strange. Lego counts the bags for easy installation. Sometimes I wonder why they didn’t just make one larger bag instead of two smaller bags, just like they did for bag # 1.

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Access of arc 170 lego set-you can try right now

Unfortunately, it only includes one projector for the Kit Fisto, but no Pilot Clone blaster. The narrow TLG is.


They were watching exactly from the challenge trilogy. R4-P44 is also included, but why the Kit Fisto? Maybe fans who missed Kit Fisto in the previous set will be pleased, but not the ones they already have. 

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