LEGO Star Wars Palpatine's Arrest 9526 Exclusive

LEGO Star Wars Palpatine's Arrest 9526 Exclusive

Increase the movie’s peak to revenge Star Wars Episode 3 / cis 9-14-year-olds for 645 pieces. Minifig six bodies with Anakin Skywalker,lego star wars Palpatine’s arrest  have Mace Windu (Classic), Seishi Tin Kohler representative, Chancellor Palpatine, Kit Fisto,

This set attempts to recreate (and succeed) the battle scene in Palpatine’s office where Mace Windu leads a Jedi number to capture/kill Chancellor Palpatine. The other three Jedi just survived more than 2 minutes of screen time before meeting their deaths under Palpatine’s cup. 

Mace survived more to recover the upper hand on Palpatine, lego Palpatine arrest only to be injured by the failed (not sent) Anakin, and was thrown out of the cracked window of the secret Palpatine. Palpatine’s arrest  LEGO designer must have watched the scene many times in a way that mimics many of the elements of that scene in this set.

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What’s in this set? Do you know?

This scene setting immediately strikes a chord with anyone who remembers the scene from Episode 3. There is a bay to accommodate the narrator who brings Anakin to save the evil Chancellor. I really like the SNOT design for the speed support base similar to the recent version of the Rebel Hoth Base kit. The stand-mounted vehicles can be easily lifted and rotated on.

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Box/Instructions of lego palpatine’s arrest-try this

Box artwork isn’t bad, but the background and the actual model really don’t rank in my opinion. Of course, this whole scene takes place within the film, but here Palpatine’s office is shown in a shot of the city of Coruscant with several large towers and several flight platforms. One of them is possible to see the Royal Navy Naboo (I think we all hope for a Lego release someday)try lego star wars palpatine’s arrest. 

In the office, we see four Jennies catching Palpatine, the Dark Sith Lord, pushing himself into action, and the ruthless Anakin Skywalker quickly approaching the Jedi Airspeeder. Next to the right side of the frame is a dark blue border with six minifigures. With the exception of Kit Fisto, all six have the word “new” stamped next to them and along the top of the cover is a stunning Darth Maul image and Lego Star Wars logo.

From the port is a corridor to the main entrance to the Palpatine office. Two sliding doors were opened to allow Jedi masters to complete their mission. The subtle details in the office were what really struck me. 

There were two small gold statues approaching the office, along with three hologram projectors (in my opinion) in front of the Palpatine office. Again, the LEGO designer looks at the locations and looks of these items.

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Today we move on to Anakin Skywalker, who at this point in the film is really emotional with her. It is similar to the number contained in set 9494, Anakin’s Jakin Interceptor, but has one or two differences. 

The piece of hair is the same, lego chancellor palpatine’s arrest it has the same haircut as we see in the Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker, but here it is dark brown that is more accurate in its appearance in the film. 

The headpiece is printed with two alternating faces, one of which is simple with a small smile (an odd choice in my opinion as it did nothing to smile in this scene),lego Palpatine’s arrest some black eyebrows, and some wrinkles and lines on his face. , as well as its many scars that are accurate to the film.

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 The other person has an extremely angry face with choking eyes and the same scars and lines for cheek definition. Both look great, but I prefer the second of the two because someone is more suited to it in this scene. He wears a brown cape, just like his Jedi counterparts who did not appear in the other Anakin Skywalker Minifigure movie.

Palpatine’s office is very well designed and delicate. Instead of using the “stud-up” approach, the designer cleverly used the smooth side of conventional bricks to recreate the flat office surface.

 The Palpatine executive chair is also a good touch, with a close resemblance to its counterpart. Two smaller chairs also rotate around the front desk for guests.

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