Own your Pod Race Bucket 7159

LEGO Star Wars Pod Race Bucket 7159

The lego star wars Podracer Bucket 7159  is an episode I: The Ghost Menace released in 2000. The set comes in a bucket compared to the regular LEGO box. This set includes 291 pieces of tiny podracers like Neva Kee, Aldar Beedo, Clegg Holdfast and Anakin Skywalker. It also includes three minifigures, Anakin Skywalker, Jar Jar Binks and a Generic Alien / Aldar Beedo.


There are four producers in the set and an observation stand. The first of the producers had two large engines, blue with a yellow stripe, and two red jets operating from the back of the machine. They have a gray wire attached to the body. The cocktail is almost blue, but it has some yellow and red elements.


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 Pod Race Bucket


A second blue podracer is also mainly, but unlike the first one, it is short and swift. The cockpit was built on a white plate, which contained only one guidance area, and has gray nodes on top. Two gray booster engines were attached to both sides. The two machines, which are located at the back, are very large and are directly connected to the rest of the podracer. Primarily, they are blue, gray and have some white supports.


The third podracer, Anakin’s, is made of two large engines, dark gray and blue in colour, with yellow edges on the ends. Each motor is connected to the main body of the agonist by means of a relatively gray piece of pipe. The body of the agonist is thin and blue with a white warning. You’re sad about it so a pilot sits down, and a blue logo is printed on the front.


The final podracer is relatively short, and after the basic design for most of its use. Two long gray motors are connected to each other by a transparent orange beam and the two motors themselves are connected to the competitor’s body by light gray tubes. The body of the competitor does not have a bright cockpit or space for a mini-purpose and a long placement tip.


The final structure on the set is a tower/arc for observing runners. The structure is made of two black turrets, each touching a large beam, which is joined together. At the top of each tower is a large umbrella. A unique rotating object was completed even with a beam mounted between two towers and both blue and red lights.


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 Pod Race Bucket


Here’s one of the mega great things about this set, the finish/starting point. The only bad thing about very good use of normal-sized mega podracer is from the mega range of # 7186 Watunk’s Junkyard, # 7171 Don’t Espa Podrace and # 7131 Anakin’s Podracer.


Build: This one is simple med and the instructions are straight forward. The only issue is getting the arch to stay together.


Playability: A great to play with, I love Podracer Bucket 3 producers and the extra mega piece of the scene. I wish it had a love of mega Minifigure, especially since it came with a huge bucket (compared to what’s inside). This is the only Lego Star Wars set in a bucket and although I prefer the boxes, it is an idea of thought and avoidance.


Value: It’s a great value, but good luck finding it in the cheap place right now.


Recommendation: Based on the current price, I only recommend this set to a mega collector. Of course, if you can find it for a reasonable price, I recommend it to everyone.


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In Episode, I: The Amazing Threat, Anakin created his own podracer to participate in the Mos Espa podrace. Now you can too! This special edition includes Anakin’s podracer and two new custom podracers! But you can use these parts to create your own podracer, like Anakin!


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