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Recreate an advanced spaceship in the opening scene of Tantive IV & Planet Alderaan: Episode IV A New Hope, where Princess Leia Organa is the first to drive the secret Death Star of Empire into a rebel! Build this famous spaceship mini model and showcase Princes Leia Organa’s home planet Alderaan ™ with Star Wars icons! The lego alderaan includes a hanging planet Alderan, a Tantive IV ™ minimodel, a rebel trooper minifigure and a display stand with nameplate. 75011 Tantive IV & Planet Alderaan is a 102 Star Wars series 4 planet released in 2013. Includes mini-models of Tantive IV, Planet Alderaan, and Rebel Trooper Minifigure.

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Details of lego alderaan

The design of the vessel comes from the early concept of the Millennium Falcon. When Space: 1999 presented a ship called Eagle Transporter, similar in shape to the Industrial Light & Magic’s Falcon design, modelers redesigned Falcon and modified the initial design of the Tantive IV. 

The modified model has been scaled down to replace the reduced size parts and other cockpits. This also explains the complexity of the 194 cm model needed to depict the famous falcon. 

Although not seen in the first Star Wars movie, modelers walked the miniature Playboy center on the starboard bulkhead of the cockpit. Tantive IV is the last model completed for the film. The smaller 16-inch model is also built for long-range ships. 

A separate model was needed because of the limited length of the Dykstraflex tracks used. This model has lights that give exhaust to 11 engines. The miniature models were collected until Grant McCune died in 2010 and then sold for a record of $ 450,000 in a 2015 auction.

As the window was added along the ship’s spine and larger weapons, the model changed slightly for the return of the Jedi. 

Such modifications were removed in the 1990s. Star Wars’ Republic Cruiser: Episode I – The Phantom Threat is designed to remind you of the look of Tantive IV. 

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Tantive IV first appeared at the opening of lego star wars Tantive IV & Planet Alderaan, occupied by Tatooine’s Imperial Star Destroyer. The ship had Princess Leia and the Empire Death Star Battle Station plan.

 Leia went to the Tattoo Inn to join the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Rebellion. Unable to find Kenia himself, Leia gives R2-D2 a plan and a message. R2-D2 escapes to the C-3PO from the way out and lands on Tatooine. 

The ship appears at the end of Rogue One (2016), and the final scene of the film shows how the Death Star plan reached the ship and Leia began his journey to Tatooine.

The ship was initially called “Rebel Blockade Runner”, and in 1981 A Public Hope’s new public radio broadcast named “Tantive IV”. Star Wars Expanded Universe data initially referred to warships as “Collrian corvettes,” but Lucas film later confirmed them as Alderan cruisers.

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The name was formally confirmed with the release of the Rogue One novel. The ship also said it was going to participate in the Battle of Scarif, but was docked for repair in Prof. Admiral Raddus’s ship.

 When the battle was complete, the ship headed for Tatooine, asking for help from Bail Organa’s former Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi. However, Tantive IV was launched to protect the newly stolen Death Star plan before the repair was completed due to the capture of Profundity and from Darth Vader. 

At first, Vader could have been avoided, but due to the damage sustained during the escape and unrepaired malfunctions, Vader’s ship was deactivated to catch up with the tattoo.

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Decipher, Inc. and Wizards of the Coast have announced Tantive IV and Corellian Corvette cards for Star Wars custom card games and Star Wars trading card games, respectively. 

The compact Lego model of the Tantive IV is included in the 3,000 Star Destroyers of the Ultimate Collector series and was the largest set in LEGO at the time of its 2002 launch. In 2019, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of such a model, Lego launched a large model of Tantive IV in 1,768 pieces. 

This is the first model to include dark red bricks. Two Micro Machines 3 packs include Corellian Corvette toys, and Hasbro’s Collector Fleet line includes an electronic containment runner. In 1979, Kenner’s Die Cast Star Destroyer includes a compact Tantive IV that can be inserted into the docking bay under the Star Destroyer. 

Tantive IV appears as a ship model in both X-Wing miniature games and Star Wars Armada produced by Fantasy Flight Games. The 16-inch (410mm) miniature of the Tantive IV sold for $ 450,000 at the auction, making it the most expensive Star Wars item at the auction.

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