LEGO Star Wars TIE Bomber and Asteroid Field (75008)

LEGO Star Wars TIE Bomber and Asteroid Field (75008)

The destructive Lego star wars tie bomber has twin hulls for pilots and configurable weapon launchers. Join the destruction of the secret base of the Rebel Alliance with this space flight machine in the scenes of Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back. The set includes a hanging asteroid field, a TIE Bomber minimodel, a TIE pilot minifigure and a display stand with name sign.

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Countless scenes and battles from Episode IV to VI of the Star Wars movie include TIE Bomber. Lego gives fans the opportunity to create their own version of the iconic and fearsome little ship. Everything is included in the LEGO Star Wars Tie Bomber (4479) configuration set. 

Once built, TIE Bomber can pass through the galaxy to find and destroy rebel ships and bases. The set includes 229 pieces and is designed for ages 7 and up. This classic TIE Bomber has all the details and is equipped with an open cockpit. The hull of the ship opens, laying down a small blue bomb and dropping it on a pointless enemy. 

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The ship can also fire missiles and the wings are fully adjustable. The set also includes one of the TIE pilots, the Star Wars minifigure. Hold the gun when attacking the rebels off the ship. 

This model is based on Darth Vader’s belly seen in Episode IV. In that episode, Darth Vader used a car to chase Luke Skywalker and other Rebel X-wing fighters. Of course, Darth Vader isn’t the only member of the empire that pilots TIE fighters that are easily available when chasing good people. 

As with all other LEGO sets, there is a detailed instruction booklet with colorful illustrations. Whether you build a TIE fighter or help your child, thank you for the clear and bright instructions. We plan to build this ship in a modular way. In other words, we will create each small section and tie it together at the end. 

Released in 2003, this LEGO set is fun for Star Wars fans or LEGO maniacs. It will be built with black, gray and blue bricks. There is also a flat round sculpture with the imperial logo of the wing. TIE Pilot Minifigure is based on the original movie. He is wearing a helmet and looks like a classic storm trooper except that it is painted black. 

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If you have another set of Darth Vader minifigures, I’m glad to know that this TIE fighter fits you. The size of this ship at assembly is 2 inches, 13 inches, 14 inches. The weight is about 1.5 pounds. Set up by the LEGO Group, this Star Wars can fly the galaxy and cause intense space battles. This exclusive LEGO Star Wars composition set can be fun to work with. It will make an interesting toy for your kids or make a neat display at home or office. This LEGO set fits into a box that is 11 inches wide, 11 inches long and 2 inches deep.

The asteroid field is here again!

Lego tie bomber 4479 is a set similar to the design of TIE Advanced, except that Bomber has a second section next to the cockpit. This second hull is the home of the bombs it holds and can be opened and closed to drop explosive cargo. The cockpit hatch can also be opened and can accommodate pilots. The wings of TIE Bomber are long and flat, with the top and bottom tips bent inward. The symbol of the empire is in the center of both wings.

TIE  bombers were used for attacks and attacks placed side by side with the more agile TIE Fighters. Their bombs were very powerful and were known to easily level the dense jungle. TIE Bombers were used on the base of the Rebel Alliance on Yavin 4, Mustafar’s malicious droid factory, and on the asteroid hidden by Millennium Falcon.

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Young and old collectors will enjoy the creation of this spaceship used by the empire to defend Death Star II from Star Wars: Episode VI—The Return of the Jedi. This Lego tie bomber 2018  interceptor completes Lego’s collection of TIE models consisting of the TIE Fighter used in all Star Wars movies, the TIE Bomber from Jedi’s Return, and Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter in the first Star Wars. 

The ship’s features consist of the cockpit’s hinged canopy and a folding instrument panel, and the model comes with a TIE pilot minipig, mounted inside the cockpit to allow the TIE interceptor to be piloted. 

It takes 30 minutes to build with a little help following the instructions described, and the manual includes a complete inventory of all parts with part numbers in case the part is lost and the builder needs to order a replacement.

One of the most feared ships in the empire, a TIE bomber is in progress. Usually flies with TIE fighters to stop the rebels. Even X-wing pilots know fear when TIE bombers are heading their way. Open the front pod to reveal the pilot and weapons room.

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