Lego Star Wars Watto's Junk Yard

Lego Star Wars Watto's Junk Yard

What will you find in Watto’s Junkyard or Lego star Watto’s Junk? Use the “junk” you find to make Podracer and other cool machines. But if you want to buy something at Watto, be prepared for some serious negotiations. He is the toughest wheeler dealer in Tatooine! The set comes with Watto and Aldar Beedo. Watto’s Junk Yard instructions for 2 complete Podracer are included.

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Specification of the rare junk yard or Watto’s Junk Yard-try new

The junkyard of 7186 Lego Star Wars watto’s junkyard is a set of Star Wars Episode I: Phantom Menace, released in 2001. There are two insignia, Watto and Aldar Beedo. There are 446 pieces. This set is based on Watto’s scrap dealership for Tatooine and includes parts for Aldar Beedo’s Podracer and other characters’ Podracer, Mawhonic’s. 

Watto and Aldar Beedo Minifigures are included. There are two podracers in the set. One is blue and the other is green. Green is like Sebulba crashes in Episode I: Phantom Threat. There is a large engine with a small engine on the side. There are two ropes that fix the body to the engine. The blue racer has two rectangular engines with flaps on the sides and large wheels on the back. The pod is connected to the engine with a rope and a base. 

The pod has two sloped surfaces. Star Wars Episode 1: Phantom Menace, from the junk dealer Junto, Anakin’s slave owner, sells parts in the junkyard, including parts that can be used for drug addicts. Watto’s Junkyard is a set released in 2001, originally sold for $ 49.99 and includes minifigures Watto and Aldar Beedo. 

It’s also 2 Podracers, Aldra Beedo’s podracer is blue and Mawhonic is green. Mawhonic was not included in the set but appeared in Lego Star Wars watto’s junkyard: The Video Game. The junkyard itself is a wat shop without a roof and a wat counter that he covers. There are tools on the back (or front) and other tools on the counter box. It also has rubbish.

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History is written again!

The disadvantage of this set is that you need to disassemble the scrap cabinet and build a mawhonics podracer stand, but in the lego star wars watto’s junkyard Shop you can pick bricks and buy parts to make another form. He will deal with watto to rebuild Ford, who may be in a character encyclopedia book or a future podracer set.

The pod itself (if built in) is very detailed, with flaps that move up and down as it rotates (see Star Wars Episode 1 Racer and Star Wars Racer Revenge). preferebly mawhonic But as you know he doesn’t come with the set but there are some customs, check this out: Lego Mawhonic. 

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Mawhonic Podracer also appears in the set Mos Espa Podrace. Go through LEGO Watto’s junkyard, consisting of everything other than junk full of exotic parts. Mix and match the parts you set up in this LEGO Star Wars Episode I to create a unique machine. This LEGO Star Wars has instructions for creating two Podracers, but use your imagination and creativity and keep exploring and creating cool machines.

 You can also use LEGO Watto’s Junkyard to get mini figures of the toughest and toughest traders on the Tatooine Watto planet. Also, in this Lego Star Wars episode I, Al Darvedo will be accompanied by Watto. So enjoy endless fun with 446 “Junks” in this Lego Star Wars.

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In addition to regular minifigure scale sets, lego star wars watto’s junkyard has released several sets (about 26) for the Ultimate Collector Series. Such models are often quite large and detailed and are used more for display purposes than for other sets. They are often more expensive than lego sets. Lego star Watto’s Junk best for you.

Many of them include information plaques and often display stands. The biggest of these is 75192, the 2017 UCS version of the Millennium Falcon, with 10 minifigures. With 7541 pieces, it is the biggest Star Wars Lego set. The largest collection of commercially released collections. 

The latest Ultimate Collector Series set is 75181 Y-wing Starfighter, released in 2018. [3] On June 5, 2015, the unopened box of the Millennium Falcon Lego Set in 2007 was auctioned at the online auction house Catawiki for 5,000 euros (at the time 5556.5 USD), making it the most expensive LEGO set.

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