Lego Star Wars Mini TIE Fighter 8028

The TIE Fighter 8028 is your tool to protect the galaxy!

This is the lego star wars mini tie fighter 8028. It was a polybag pack and for the first time got a Mini set from the Star Wars Series. It was not very popular and is now sold at the same price but without the purchase. Because it is a polybag, lego star wars mini tie fighter  it is a relatively small and simple package that is easy to break. In fact, this package is easier to open than the MiniFigure range. Probably because you don’t need to subject anyone to “evil.

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When you open the package, you will see only a blue, black and gray baby rattan and a very simple piece of assembly instructions. Almost the same thing with a small group of creators. The instructions are simple and simple. Therefore, it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes for the Mini TIE Fighter to be ready for action.

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The fighter consists of three sections: Two large, nearly square vertical wings of the same construction, and a square inner section where the wings are connected. The wings are almost completely black,lego mini tie fighter with some blue gratings on the outside and a blue plate on the inside that connects them to the middle. The cube-like section has protrusions on all sides except the bottom and has a very clean plate at the front with a gray back.

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Published using Daily Mirror on Tuesday, September 8, 2009.

It can be purchased at Tesco in 2009 for £ 2.99 in the UK.

It can be purchased at Target stores as an Easter commercial in March 2011.

Established as part of The Sun / News of the World Promotion on May 27, 2012 in the United Kingdom.

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In 2012 TIE fighter again used two offers at First up in March, with free shipping on Star Wars LEGO with orders of £ 75 or more and being offered again on May 4 and May 5 to spend £ 50 on Star Wars LEGO with the 5001162 LEGO Exclusive R2-D2 Poster, 6005192 TC-14 and free shipping.

Targets were also set up at the end of 2012 (Dec)

 It also provided the main collection of microfilm books.

This week also marked the launch of the LEGO store in Lille, France.

TIE Fighters are starfighters used by the Galactic Empire. They were the main army of the imperial army and were designed to attack large numbers. Mini tie fighter is the original design of the TIE series, which was later upgraded to TIE Interceptors and TIE Bombers. They were armed with 2 SFS L-s1 laser cannon.

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The blast from the original trilogy is the TIE fighter! Although it lacks pyrotechnic power, they do so with flexibility. Large numbers of this scary starfighter can crush almost any opponent!

The set is still able to represent the basics and features of the TIE Fighter. However, if you look closely at the TIE Fighter wings, the pieces are actually only connected to a single layer of dishes. For me, I prefer having blue plates at the top and bottom of the flaps that fold to better secure the middle and lateral edge plates. Still, as I say, it’s a cheap bubble, so this little set doesn’t really complain much. The only concern i have right now is that i could begin the journey of collecting all Star Wars Series Mini vehicles.

The Lego Star Wars 8028 MINI TIE Fighter is a standard star model. TIE represents the Twin Ion Engine. these machines are actually manufactured, with no moving parts and low maintenance. The only weapon of a TIE fighter is powerful laser cannons,tie fighter lego mini  which can destroy a medium starfighter if properly positioned. Although the TIEs are designed to attack in large numbers and overwhelm the enemy.

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