LEGO Star Wars 75112 General Grievous Building Kit

LEGO Star Wars 75112 General Grievous is here for you

Lego star wars general grievous Command of the Droid Army with constructive and possibly general interference! Collect and learn with General Grievous complete with possible limbs, weapon separation and 4 light swords light. Lead the Military Military Droid with an extremely tough General Grievous because you’ve never seen it! The stunning LEGO version of the frightened Supreme Commander features crippled edges, 2-in-4 weapon parts and 4 light spatulas. This extremely fast General is ready for a fierce battle! 

Lead the Military Military Droid with an extremely tough General Grievous because you’ve never seen it! The amazingly integrated version of the awesome LEGO Supreme Commander features fully capable edges, 2-in-4 weapon separation and 4-shape Lightsabers. This extremely fast General is ready for a fierce battle!

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Specification of lego star wars general grievous- enjoy this

It features capable edges, 2-in-4 dividers and 4 built-in Lightsabers

Separate weapons and battle with 4 Lightsabers!

The Droid army leads the Jedi!

Hard and durable design for intense gaming

Return to the epic Star Wars ™: Episode III Revenge of the Sith rivalry between Lord Grievous and * 75109 Obi-Wan Kenobi (sold separately)

It is over 11 “(30cm) high

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History that you might want to know

The biggest of the six Crusader Battle numbers is also the best in my opinion: 75112 General Grievous. She was so happy with this image when the images were first presented and even more impressive on the face, over 30cm, even crisp! The skeletal appearance of the general construction of CCBS is clearly appropriate, so it is not surprising that it was chosen as one of the first characters to be recreated in this form. 

I think lego general grievous combination of the dark elements and the black frames looks absolutely stunning, with astonishing precision as it created a new piece of this shape: a unique Grievous mask. This is hard to say, as the mask looks absolutely brilliant. 

The legs are the next part to be built. Although their construction is fairly fair initially, it soon becomes more complicated, as many beams are needed to provide enough power to support most of the body. Additional reinforcement is required on the hips where a couple of extra beams are used behind the main joint. 

These will not hinder the appearance or articulation of the model but will enhance it. The resulting foot assemblies are easily durable to secure the weight of the human body and look great, especially when adding sides, knees and motherboards.

When the feet come into the human body, all that is left to concentrate is the arms and the head. This is by far the simplest part to make, but it also includes some examples of good fittings used, general grievous lego set especially around the shoulders consisting of two types of shielded plates placed opposite them. direction. Placing a single part of the head is a great way to finish a very pleasing design.

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Packaging and Contents-own now

Box Front

As the largest column in the wave, it fits into the big box. Note that this is European packaging, so some of the box information may vary depending on where the kit was purchased. Grievous is indeed in a prominent position. If you’ve watched Episode III, you might recognize one of his most recent positions, with his lower arm moving, the first two being pulled forward. Lego general grievous wheel bike was noticed after Grievous opened his four hands and the box movement seemed to indicate that he was taking this step. We also see Grievous and Kenobi fighting in the background and the same image is repeated in Obi Wan’s box.

The Tan tracks

Depression can kill lots of tan. Our white hands, 6m hands, and the larger are revised, the plaques, the breasts, as well as a unique exposed nightgown and the new scratch registered. Interesting is a panel of Technic tan. 


Let’s also get new light blades that are fairly flexible plastic, with patience as well as the new handlebar (a modified double axle clip). Unfortunately, we will get some of them. Two blue lamps, two green and 8 in new control parts.

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In total

If you’re a fan of Grievous, this set is a must-have. It’s an amazing representation of characters and I think its worth (when you get the price increase to keep in mind Star Wars) well worth the price. I felt the figure would be more complete if we took the crater because it was a pretty big accessory, but without it it was a great set. There are some minor issues with her appearance due to the odd shape of her legs, but if you don’t mind spending a little time getting a perfect position, it’s a great piece and I hope this is a sign that we will continue to capture the biggest CCBS scales in the future, as it’s been a long time since we’ve taken anything to this level. 

The complete model details you can get here

As soon as the construction of this bulk is completed, it becomes apparent. It is over 30cm tall, even elevated and dwarfed by General Grievous’s Minifigure version, as you can clearly see in the picture below! So the scales are very good with the other figures in the series, in particular, the 75109 Obi-Wan Kenobi, so that you can present them in various action scenes, which is exactly the plot. Do.


Construction begins with the upper structure of the human body with a typical CCBS element at its center but consists mainly of smaller spherical segments around the nucleus. It fills the trunk with an exquisite and curved Ginevous spine shape as well as providing a firm base from which to place the heavy arms and head. General grievous starfighter entire band was adjusted to allow an incredible range of hinges.

As it is the largest battlefield ever released in terms of size and size, it is expected that the 75112 General Grievous will also be the most expensive. The price range is £ 29.99 or $ 34.99, a very reasonable cost, given the sheer weight and quality of the model, which is enough to dominate almost any Star Wars or showmanship. 

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