LEGO Star Wars 9678 Twin-Pod Cloud Car and Bespin

Own your 9678 Twin-Pod Cloud Car and Bespin

Defend the planet Twin-pod Cloud Car & Bespin! Gas Planet Bespin plays an important role in Star Wars: Episode V. Empire strikes back when Luke Skywalker travels to Cloud City to save his friends. But it’s a trap and you have to fight evil Darth Vader. This set includes accurate Bespin models, Lobot minifigures, twin Ford cloud car minimodels, and display stands with weapons and name signs. Collect other Series 2 sets: 9677 X-wing Starfighter and Yavin 4 and 9679 AT-ST and Endor.

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Specifications of lego star wars Twin-try new

Add it to your child’s Star Wars collection with the LEGO Star Wars Best Spin Play Set. Planet Bespin played an important role in “Stars Wars Episode V: Empire Strikes Back”. In the movie, Luke Skywalker must travel to Bespin’s Cloud City to rescue his twin pod cloud car with his friends. However, this rescue mission turned out to be one of the sinister Darth Vader traps, and Luke must fight one by one with Darth Vader. Your kids can relive their favorite scenes with this LEGO Star Wars set, which includes an accurate model of the twin Ford Cloud vehicle and the planet bespin. This LEGO Star Wars building set includes a robot minifigure, a display stands with weapons and name sign. This LEGO Star Wars Set allows kids to defend their planet bespin from the dark side with their twin pod cloud vehicle. Just follow the instructions included in the LEGO Star Wars package to assemble your Twin Ford Cloud vehicle and start fighting the Dark Side.

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Twin Ford cloud vehicles with Cyborg Lobot are highly appreciated on a cool scale. Stylish and modern, this ship makes for a pleasant flight. The cockpit also opens in two ways through the front transparent hatch or side door, making it more versatile. This set offers a lot of adventure whether used alone or in combination with other Star Wars LEGO sets.

Relive the world of unforgettable moments in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes with this LEGO® Star Wars 75222 betrayal in the Cloud City set, or add your own fun twist to the storyline. An amazingly detailed set is divided into four sections, each of which depicts a scene from a classic movie. There’s a landing platform complete with Boba Fett’s Slave I ship, a detailed walkway, a restaurant that can accommodate 5 minifigures, a garbage disposal room with an incinerator, and a sensor balcony for an epic Luke vs. Vader Lightsaber duel. There are also carbon copper rooms, interrogation rooms and prisons with the ability to ‘freeze’ one in a carbonized fossil, and a secondary landing platform for twin pod cloud cars. When you add an amazing 18 LEGO minifigures and 2 droids to the mix, you’re proud to have Star Wars and LEGO fans of all ages add to their collection.

Accessories four minifigures also may like you.

Here minimum 18 minifigures (solo in bespin costume, princess leia and luke skywalker, chewbacca, c-3po, rando kalissian, robot, 2 cloud city guards, 2 cloud car pilots, laya and korean in hot-ha costume , Darth Vader, Boba) Fett, 2 Stormtroopers and Ugnaught, R2-D2 and IG-88 Droids.

Section 1 has a landing platform with sliding doors and a space for Boba Fett’s Slave I vessels to open minifigure cockpits, movable wings and to store Han as a carbon light element below.

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And what about the history?

Section 2 has a dining room with tables, a seat for five minifigures, and a decorative Cloud City micro build. Lounge with transparent sculptures and two chairs; Garbage disposal chamber with incinerator, conveyor belt and disabled IG class droids; And walkways leading to wood carvings, mural relief and doorways to other parts of the model. Section 3 has a maintenance balcony with sensor balconies with handrails and swingouts and a round window for an epic light sword duel and a carbon freezing chamber with lever-operated ‘freeze’ features. Section 4 has a dark red corridor leading to an interrogation room with a swivel interrogation chair, a hangar with a prison, a secret trap and a rack of tools and weapons, a twin-pod cloud vehicle with a minifigure cockpit and two stud shooters. Early October 2018 minifigure details include Leia’s red dress, Han’s Corellia blood, Luke’s Dark Brown Tango Dagoba dress, Ugnat’s headdress, and Cloud Car pilot. Weapons include Han’s Blaster Pistol, Chewbacca’s Archer, Luke’s Rayblade, Vader’s Rayblade, Boba Fett’s Blaster Rifle, IG-88’s Blaster Rifle, 5 Blaster Pistols, 4 Blaster and more.

Accessory elements include a wrench, handcuffs, and a robot’s cybernet band. Air-to-air combat between Boba Fett’s Slave I and Twin-Pod Cloud Car. Pull out the carbon freeze chamber lever to pretend to freeze Han on Carbon One! Relive unforgettable scenes in the classic Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back movie.

This amazing set is part of the LEGO Star Wars Twin-pod Cloud Car & Bespin Master Builder Series. Cloud City measures over 1 ” (16cm) high, 4 ” (58cm) wide and 1 ” (56cm) deep. Slave I measures over 1 ” (11cm) high, 4 ” (19cm) long and 1 ” (18cm) wide.

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