LEGO Star Wars Plo Koon's Jedi Starfighter 8093

Right on time - Plo Koon's Jedi Starfighter 8093

The 8090 Joke Plo Star Koop pack is a Star Wars: Clone Wars release in July and August 2010. The range also appeared in toy stores in the Netherlands at the end of May of that year. 

The set includes the little Plo Koon and R7-D4 charts. Some notable features include the ability to remove Plo Koon from the lounge, a space for mounting the Astromech Droid (R7-D4) and a Plo Koon light stand. The set is similar to many other Jedi Starfighters released in recent years. (see: other columns containing Jedi Starfighters). It has 175 tracks.


The set has a cockpit with Minifigure space, in this case, Plo Koon, seated, with computer pilot in front. There is a leaf in the air above the cockpit, but unlike other Starfighters Jedi in the past, there is a small tab underneath the ship that, if pressed, discards Plo Koon from the pilot’s seat. 

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Del Koeon’s Light Interceptor Delta 7-B, called Blade of Dorin, was given to him by Anakin Skywalker after the Cruiser was destroyed by Malevolence. Lego plo koon gave the boat his usual paint job to camouflage it against a blue sky, similar to Anakin’s. Plo Koon has taken his fighter to many major stolen warfare battles, including the fight against Mobility at Kaleida Shoals Medical Center and a fight at Felucia. He later plays it for a new one, similar in design and colour, closer to Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

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Lego star wars plo koon’s jedi starfighter-own now

This set can be easily found in a news video before the official release date, which can be viewed here. Lego plo koon starfighter is best.

In the original work of the set, Plo Koon appears in a green light, but later his images again show a blue released along with the final set.

It’s Plo Koons’ second appearance.

The R7-D4 is exclusive to this range.

Lego star wars plo koon’s jedi starfighter head of the Task Force Clone Army, is in charge of the spacecraft for the new Super Weapon, Malevolence, as seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. If the mission turns out to be dangerous, Plo Koon can withdraw from his asteroid and survive to fight the Separists someday! The set includes a miniature Jedi Master Plo Koon, a new astromech R7-D4 droid, and a Jedi starfighter with a rocket launcher seat. 

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Specification of plo koon starfighter- try now

A scene from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Includes the Mini Jedi Master Plo mini-game and a new astromech R7-D4 droid

The Plo Koon starter has a cockpit seat

Plo Koon’s Starfighter is 10 “(26 cm) long

175 LEGO pieces

This set has a very rare Plo Koon figure with a very detailed soft plastic head and a very fine printed trunk. The Plo Koon is equipped with a handle with a silver handle and a blue blade. plo Koon starfighter set also includes an R7-D4 Astromech Droid shape with a nice print head and trunk. 

The Jedi Starfighter itself is a very interesting construction and when finished it looks like one of the films and has a great colour scheme. Starfighter is equipped with a one-person cockpit, equipped with a launch mechanism for the safe launch of Plo Koon from the ship in an emergency. There is also a front cockpit seat for the R7-D4. The boat also includes a tool next to the cockpit for lighting Plo Koon.

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Lego plo koon starfighter – let’s start

Plo Koon




Pilot Cabinet

Export mechanism

Attach the tool

Astromech chair

Colour scheme

The landing gear is solid and allows for a good showing. There is a place for Plo’s lightsaber at the edge of the cockpit. Others don’t like that aspect, but lego star wars plo koon works for all. The freshest part of the design is the mechanism that Plo pushes out of the cockpit: Starting the cockpit will only make it easy to pop with Plo when you hit a level below. I think this is one of the best interactions I’ve seen in a Lego set. It may be given to these people. Clever. Minifigs are a big plus. The brown, R2-D2 wannabe is beautiful, the detail is beautiful. Si Plo Khoon is one of my favs of all time.

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