Own your 7180 B-Wing Fighter at Rebel Control Center

LEGO Star Wars 7180 B-Wing Fighter at Rebel Control Center

Build a B-wing at the Rebel Control Center and fight the Empire to remember. The LEGO 7180 almost completely reproduces the original Star Wars ship, giving it a realistic feel. This Star Wars Lego set features collapsible wings to fly or land vertically and is very fun to play. This B-wing in the rebel control center is equipped with a powerful launcher to shoot the enemy. The LEGO 7180 includes a battleship service tower that serves as a large exhibition stand. This Star Wars LEGO set will open a pilot cockpit and rebel pilots to make this game even more attractive.

The Lego Star Wars b wing at rebel control center is a classic Star Wars set released in 2000. This is a set that includes the first B-Wing model and a Rebel base with a floating vehicle of 338 parts and $ 29.99. USD. This set includes R4 Astromech Droid, Rebel Mechanic and B-Wing Pilot Minifigures.

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Specification of b wing at rebel control center

Enter the cabin of this armed B-wing star fighter. As the ship spins, the pilot in the cabin remains stable, ready to aim and fire!

Do you want to fight the dark side? It has everything the space mechanic needs, including the engine, gantry and R2-D2. It includes a bearded mechanic and a shaved pilot. It offers the classic pleasures of construction while including 338 pieces while creating an imagination game for endless fun.

Kids will be surprised at how innovative the B-Wing fighter for Lego is. The cabin constantly revolves around the ship. The wings can be folded for movement mode or extended for battle mode. This is one of the best designed Star Wars Lego ship. The included Rebel Control Center is innovative. It includes a sliding door panel and a large Death Star screen. It is not an advantage for those who wish to buy a B-Wing combat battalion, but still join the set. When you buy this set, it is the most notable in the price range. You were not disappointed. The rotating cabin and the control center were occupied for hours, occupying enemy bases, answering distress calls and wandering around the house, investigating the outer limits of my room. Especially liked the way the control center doors open (you saw it for the first time). you also liked the fact that there was a regular pilot, two control staff members and a red R2 device. The sliding train has a different function of X-Wing (for example, Buzz Cow Arm) and combines the two with a little work and imagination to create a luxury version with countless tools.

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But the wings of the B wing were a bit loose when they were in the “battle” position (not terrible, but not the best they can). It would also be good if the control center had a difficult part but more open space. As designed by LEGO, the game space was small when it was closed. You can change your personal preference for the pear shape to one of the designs on the back of the brochure.

Overall, you think this set is a lot of money bought, given the many options that come with it.

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Lego tended to jump over the pieces in these Star Wars sets (to compensate for and guess the cost of all the new parts included to make it cheaper), but not the B-wing assembly. Disappointed The intelligent rotating cockpit with unique pilot paint, Storage space and articulated wings is a great feature, and the Rebel Control Center is a suitable set for children with a limited collection. It is not just a bunch of random pieces. It really increases the regeneration. The R2-style robots and technicians are great too. Anyone who complains that the kit does not fit the scale makes no sense. A little small, but all these sets of minifigures are toys, not models!

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Personally buy LEGO to exhibit, but you will be very happy with this set. Unlike most other games with the same number of pieces, it was very cheap. That is the main reason when you do it. Set for young people. This set was very easy to make, and the sliding door at the base is an orderly feature.

Lego great, but once you build it, it is very unstable and the pieces begin to crumble and begin to crumble piece after piece. Kids didn’t think too much. You have all the expensive Star Wars legos with the stands and this is a pain. Too expensive too. If anyone needs photos, let me know. You have a great display of all my legos and this one is in the stand with pieces that are next to it that will not be kept together.


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