LEGO Star Wars 5000063 TC-14 Promo Minifigure Silver Chrome Exclusive Limited

LEGO Star Wars 5000063 TC-14 Promo Minifigure Silver Chrome Exclusive Limited


The lego star wars tc 14  released on May 4, 2012. The TC-14 is a print droid similar to the C-3PO’s. It’s almost silver, with gray hands and orange optical sensors. The print of a retaining bolt is on the left side of his chest. At the centre of her stomach is a circular pattern shared by all protocol executives. Between hip and abdominal printing, blue, red, white and yellow wires are exposed. The 

lego tc 14 cables can also appear in the lower back area, under a rectangular plate in the middle.


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TC-14 will appear in the LEGO Star Wars Video Game: The Video Game as a playful character in the first mission. It can also be locked in LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, if the player applies the Use Old Saving option to the game. TC-14 can also be played in the first issue of LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga. In all games, the TC-14 has access to areas that can only open a droid protocol.


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Details of TC-14 Minifigure Silver Chrome

Her teacher was Nute Gunray, Vice President of the Trade Federation, and the TC-14 was often used to distract visitors from the real evil of Gunray. It was used primarily to get the attention of Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi while Gunray consulted with Darth Sidious on the arrival of the Jedi. When the latter ordered to dismiss Obi-wan and Qui-Gon, the regent approached the room where the Jedi were with dioxide. When a party of Security Battles came to “destroy what was left of them”, the TC-14 was seen leaving the cloudy room, shortly after, the Master and apprentice took care of the droids and left the ship.


Remember the LEGO Star Wars TC-14 that was available last year as a special promotional mini? Many people are frustrated because they can’t find it and are trying to find it in secondary markets like Amazon, eBay and BrickLink. News and excitement died down and prices dropped.


TC-14 is one of the most unique LEGO Star Wars thumbnails, and truly one of the best LEGO minifigures of all time. It’s chrome, it’s beautifully printed and the details are amazing – much more realistic than the first version of the C-3PO. If you are a collector, TC-14 should be added to your protocol collection.


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It’s all about TC-14 Promo Minifigure Silver Chrome

It’s a beautiful figure. The chrome coating is great, though, as you can see the hands are light gray, which is a shame. I don’t think the plate or plate is too expensive for them.Lego star wars tc 14 it’s definitely better than the gold C-3PO, which is very unevenly coated.


Although manufactured in China, the various ABS properties used there are unclear as the components are naturally coated. However, as you can see in the picture, the trunk is covered with micro-scratches. I also noticed this in the collectable minifigs. You can’t find them in figs with other facts. They are really only visible when you keep them in the light, so don’t worry about them and they don’t reduce the chance of being certain that the figure will spark value in the coming months. at least, until it is offered as part of the next bid, whatever may happen.


We also lost the promo offer in May, so I decided to get the LEGO Star Wars TC-14 on eBay a few months back. The parcel arrived for several days with the TC-14 in the original LEGO polygonal sack. I was very happy, but when I did not unpack the TC-14, I noticed the scratches in the garbage and started to worry. But then I read other people’s reviews and found this to be a common issue. Here are some pictures of Huw from Brickset showing micro-scratches.


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TC-14 is the best in 2019 you should try

This obviously has to do with the labour process. The scratches are actually on the plastic, not on the chromium, but from a certain angle, they appear at the bottom of the chrome layer. The chrome coating is nice and very good, however, and the engravings only appear when carefully inspected. I love how the minifig shines when the light hits it! 


I hope everyone wants to manage a tiny TC-14 5000063 either from their local brand or from the I bought a UCS R2-D2 at AFOLCON so I got there.

Another minor issue is that the chromium does not cover all parts of the TC-14. First of all the hands are not covered. The inside of the legs is light gray, as well as the interior of the hands and shoulders area. This is because the arms are raised in colouring. Hopefully, the colouring process will be improved in the future by eliminating this problem.


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