Own your 7184 Trade Federation MTT

LEGO 7184 Trade Federation MTT

This model has brown, beige and grey colours and some pieces of green, mostly covered by other parts. Like the newer version, ego trade federation mtt has hatches; while the other was nine, there are only four, two on the sides, one at the front for the droids and one at the back. 

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Two versions with built slightly differently try now

The laser guns of this model are less sharp than those of 7662, but their appearance is more threatening and their appearance more powerful. This series was made in two versions, built slightly differently, with a few pieces and different instructions (the first batches did not include the 2 x 6 brown bricks found in later copies of this series). Versions are not easy to identify from an external box. published in 2000 Rare Original.

The brown pieces constitute the majority of the set because all the pages contain the greatest quantity of browns. The old dark grey pieces come second and there are only a few beiges. 

The front hatch is a really brown version of the front of the TIE fighter cabin and is much smaller than the 7662 round hatch. The vehicle can carry the battle droid in the cockpit, as well as the six on the luggage rack and inside. There are guides at the back with transparent flagpoles on the sides.

Build: There were some difficult help steps and once again it was because the exact songs were not displayed. In addition, the older plastic did not allow the droid arms to stay firmly in place and would fall even if they were hit.

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Playability star wars general grievous starfighter

If the songs were tighter, it would be an excellent series to play. There are quite a few moving parts and it is divided into two parts, both of which open to reveal different parts of the MTT. It would be even more fun to combine it with other Naboo series.

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Value of  lego star wars general grievous starfighter

 It was a good price when it was released. You can always find this (sometimes) at a reasonable price.

This is one of Lego’s best Star Wars series.Lego trade federation mtt remarkably remind the same vehicle in the film and offer plenty of space for hours of entertainment. The vehicle is divided into two parts, one representing the control centre and the other the combat droid transmission area. 

There is also a small Droid control centre, which is a really nice addition instead of nothing (which some other kits tend to do). The building is a little hard, but enough to take more than five minutes. The only drawback is that combat droids should be more numerous. 

They were not enough to fill all the control areas and another legion seems to be missing from the rest of the tank. But again, there are always more Lego sets to collect. This exquisite series has a sleek design and appearance. It has lots of fighting droids and has storage space. There is an indoor action centre on the back with computer consoles and so on. The only downside: it’s a little expensive.

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Background of Trade Federation MTT

The MTTs carried hundreds of battle droids onto the battlefield to fight the weapons but were eventually beaten by the Nabo indigenous army. The MTT could be used to attack or protect the troops. Each troop transport involved one hundred and twelve combat droids, and the MTTs themselves were placed in the Nabo Forests in the Trade Union Demolition Zone.

Lego Star Wars Trade Federation Mtt  7662 compared to Lego 7184 Trade Federation MTT

Lego Star Wars Trade Federation Mtt 7662 was published in 2007 as part of The Phantom Threat. Comes with a Droideka (version 2), two Battle Battle droids (version 2), two Security Battle droids (version 2) and grab Battle Droid (with a reversed version) huge MTT.

Droid operator

The Speeder looks like a 7126 Battle Droid Carrier and seems to be a newer version. Lego 7662 can carry a weapon rack in addition to the Command satellite, MTT controllers, the blast rack, or the eight droid MTT racks of lego 7662. Both vehicles involved are controlling two pilot battle droids.


Destructive Droid is a different version of Episode 1’s old droid games and is not one of those featured in the LEGO Star Wars: Video Game. Its main colours are copper and grey and the legs cannot be folded like in the older version. He uses the same type of binoculars, the binoculars, but the designers used light gray spray guns instead.

Fight the droids of  lego trade federation mtt

Sixteen identical battle droids have the right hand to hold explosives that are the same as new, clonic, standing explosions. Lego star wars trade federation mtt other parts are identical to previous versions.

Pilot battle droids

The two pilot battle droids have a blue body, right hand, and the rest of the tracks are identical to the battle droids.

Security droids of mtt star wars

Like pilots, anti-security droids have a different coloured body and right hand; in this version the body is brown. Mtt star wars  is best.

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