find the Trade Federation Multi Troop Transport 75058

LEGO Star Wars Trade Federation Multi Troop Transport 75058

Transport your droids to battle on heavily armoured MTT! Unlock this multi-tasking transport vehicle with a hidden wheel to reveal a wide range of gaming features: Lower flaps and pull spring guns, tilt STAP tailgate, and align front cannons. Rotate the gear to extend Battle Droid support in front of the tank or toggle between the 4 mounts between different compartments of MTT. 

Let your imagination go wild and create your own version of the famous Star Wars Naboo Battle: Episode I Phantom Threat. Contains 3 minifigs with select weapons: Naboo Security Guard, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jinn Qui-Gon, and the Combat Droids pilot and 7 Combined Droids.  

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Specification of lego star wars mtt,Try something unique

  • Lego star wars 75058 includes 3 minifigures with weaponry: Naboo Guard, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jinn Qui-Gon, and Battle Droids pilot and 7 battle droid characters 
  • Features hidden wheels, side flaps with a hidden spring drive, STAP tailgate opening, adjustable front guns, expandable gear front and 4 interchangeable racks including Battle Droid mount and D-port. arms 
  • Lego trade federation mtt Carry on battle droids in battle with an armoured MTT ship 
  • Recreate the Battle of Naboo Star Wars Episode I: Ghost Threat 
  • The dimensions are more than 15 cm high, 31 cm long and 14 cm wide 

Beautiful model to build and play with. Lego star wars mtt carry troops, STAP (reconnaissance vehicle), repair droid, weapons and pilot. Each of these is properly stored at the location of the container. While there may be more droids and some people criticize the ability, you can search the web for suggestions for changing it so you can carry more droids. 

The Jedi are also nice, just like the Nabo guard for their uniqueness, though these characters feel a bit in place in this series. There are a lot of moving parts that call for a lot of play, but mtt star wars moving those parts will even cause many things to fall. Lego trade federation mtt is best.

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Lego 7662 compared to Lego Star Wars 75058 MTT 

Lego 7662 Trade Federation was published in MTT 2007 as part of Line A Phantom Threat. Included are Droideka (version 2), two of the Droid pilot battle (version 2), two of the Droids security battle (version 2), and sixteen, not the war (and proved to contain a blaster) Minifigure as a small speeder and HTT colossal. 

It’s great together fun to play. Unlike other kits, it is also very sturdy, making it a good toy, even for relatively young children (compared to other kits that come off as soon as you touch them). The MTT Trade Union has many doors and compartments that are perfect for remake games. An MTT, or multi-Troop transport, transport and deploys combat droids from the Federation of Commerce to the Naboo planet. 

They float on repulsorlift boosters, hovering just above the ground, and though they aren’t very well armed, they use rams, according to Wikipedia, which is probably another function of the Droid rack on the front of. In the Star Wars universe, each can carry 112 combat droids, though the set can only contain 16. When the MTT Trade Federation arrives, it’s time for the enemy to start running! Open its hatches and expand the secret storage medium to deploy a legion of armed battle droids ready to fight. The top opens to reveal the cockpit and steering controls. Open the door at the back to reveal a vehicle carrying battle droids.  

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Note for lego star wars mtt Who would like to use

  • This series was originally released in 2000 under the name 7184 Trade Federation MTT.
  • This was the first series to feature Battle Droid miniatures with vertical hands that can withstand a normal explosion. 
  • Mtt star wars series also includes a revamped Droideka. 
  • This series contains the greatest number of battle droids ever (16). 
  • The series also includes a mini-reconnaissance vehicle that can accommodate a command satellite, MTT controllers, a rifle carrier or eight battle droids. 
  • All chapters in this series are designed for earlier versions. 
  • The recommended age for MTT advertising was between 8 and 12 years, but he was between 9 and 14 in the penalty area. It was a mistake in the commercial form. 
  • The Speeder looks like a Battle Droid Carrier 7126 and appears to be a newer version. He uses the same type of binoculars, but the designers used light grey spray guns. The two pilot battle droids have a blue frame, the right hand and the rest of the tracks are identical to the battle droids. 

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