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LEGO Star Wars Super Star Destroyer 10221 Discontinued by manufacturer

Super star Destroyer Executor has arrived! This jaw dropping ship was used as commander in the Battle of Endor and as the personal flagship of Darth Vader in the classic Star Wars movie. With a classic dagger-shaped design, Executor is one of the largest and most powerful ships in the Star Wars galaxy. At over 124.5 cm (50 inches) long and weighing more than 3.5 kg (3,000 lbs), every aspect of this fantastic LEGO Star Wars model is impressive.

Super Star Destroyer is a generic term used by the Galactic Empire and the Alliance to restore the Republic, referring to several classes of imperial ships larger than the Imperial Star destroyers.

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Alliance intelligence estimated at 4 ABY that it had more than 12 superstar destroyers during the Endor Endor Endor era, including Darth Vader’s flagship officer, annihilator, mediator, Emperor Palpatine’s personal ship Eclipse, and Ravager. But the actual numbers were still the subject of debate. Following the Endor of Endor, the analysts in the Alliance tried to understand the emperor’s propaganda and investigate the black budget that was hiding the emperor’s secret weapons program. Vader’s main executor was destroyed during the Endor of Endor, with the RZ-1 A-wing interceptor crashing into the commanding bridge and ultimately crashing into the second death star.

The 5th ABY estimated that Admiral Rae Sloane, based on the Imperial Navy’s record for Coruscant, had 13 superstar destroyers, including Dreadnoughts, before the Second Death Star was destroyed. This included Vader’s lost flagship officer and his commanding ship Ravager, actually commanded by fleet admiral Gallius Rax. After investigating the registry, she also found that Rebel Alliance’s successor, New Republic, captured three Super Star Destroyer. Two of these ships surrendered their ships and personnel, while the third was stolen by the New Republic troops while being repaired over Kuart.

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Sloane also found that the new Republic army destroyed another five superstar destroyers in battle, taking advantage of the ship’s scarce sailors and poor maneuverability. The former sovereign destructor of Colonel Cassio Tagge was taken over by a pirate led by Eleodie Maracavanya. Mediators, meanwhile, were destroyed by heavy industry wells, but made false hyperspace calculations in an effort to evade New Public Ships. Although Emperor’s flagship Eclipse was intentionally destroyed by the New Republic Defense Fleet, Sloane found that the report did not match the ship’s black box record. As a result, she deduced that the ship mysteriously disappeared. 

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Ravager was destroyed in the battle of Jakku, New Republic’s Starhawk-class battleship Concord used a powerful tractor beam to drag the Super Star Destroyer onto the surface of Jakku. Elle Ody, meanwhile, re-named the destructor by Liberty’s mistake, which became the capital of the sovereign latitude of the wild space-based pirate state Maracacabana. Elle Audi used Liberty’s fault in favor of New Republic to attack three of the Empire’s II-star destroyers running away from ak ku. Later, Sloane traveled to unknown areas with soldiers of Brendol x, Amitaju x, and Larks and met with Eclipse in the unknown.

The Super Star Destroyer, was a heavy warship class in the Star Dreadnought league and was often used as an imperial command line and flagship line for the Navy. First and foremost, they were one of the largest ships in the galaxy, and they were expensive to operate but were almost invincible in battle. Like most KDY-style warships, the overall shape of the ship was noted, but unlike the Empire class, the Executor class is closer to the dagger shape. It also keeps the KDY style command bridge and has a huge city on top and to some extent cove. The main hulls were dark gray and white for the main hull and black for urban areas. The various hulls give the hull a more dull appearance, along with the vessels whose various lights sometimes work in outer space.

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The Executor class measures 19 kilometers in length and is 100 times heavier than the Ubiquitous Imperial class Star Destroyer. It is said that 280,734 Imperial Navy officers, gunners and enlisted men sailed each ship. In most cases, when the rebel leader Mon Monthma knew the number of employees needed to fly such a ship, he admitted that it was virtually impossible to give orders in any way, even if he had to capture it in any way. personnel.

Several variants of the Executor class existed, but all followed similar design properties in terms of structure. In terms of length, it is also the largest ship class within the Star Dread Notes or Super Star Destroyer, which is also associated with the Multi-Class Dread Notes.

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