Own your new LEgo 75043 AT-AP

LEGO Star Wars 75043 AT-AP

The All-Terrain Attack Pod (AT-AP), or Pod Attack Walker (PAW), is a tripodal walker transformed from AT-PTs and AT-TEs to the climax of the Clone Wars. They were used by the 327th Star Corps, 91st Reconnaissance Corps, 41st Elite Corps, 282nd Regiment, 121st Regiment, 96th Regiment, 76th Regiment, 212th Attack Battalion, along with other units in the Grand Army of the Republic and Imperial Army. 

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Who would like to use Lego 2019 at ap

Instead of agreeing with George Orwell’s famous line from Animal Farm, every 2-leg LEGO walk and balance never bothered me, especially if they come with a large body and high centre of gravity. 

Although this is aesthetics and looks, lego star wars at ap this AT-AP or earlier version of 2008 still does not live up to my expectations, which I will discuss later in the review.

A quick comparison with its predecessor (total 7671) shows that the volume of the brick has doubled, but the overall size of the AT-AP has not been upgraded lego at ap walker at any point near the double mark. Lego star wars at ap also not hard to see the improvements, so the extra number of 300+ pocket pieces really worries me, at least when I started construction.


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The AT-AP can survive without its third front leg, which can be securely attached to the body and remains locked with the cleverly designed lever behind it. The two hind legs are more than enough to keep the AT-AP steady and visually spectacular. Extending the third limb is obviously for better stability during evolution.

The AT-AP (All Terrain Attack Pod) was born as a way to carry a piece of heavy artillery throughout the battlefield. Its main function is to act as a mobile firearm platform used to protect enemy positions, rather than attacking troops or other vehicles. It contained extremely advanced targeting systems that led to the term “sniper rifle”. 

Although classified as a two-legged walker, the AT-AP features a third leg that hangs from the underside of the spindle and is designed to stabilize the pedestrian street. It will be expanded and deployed at the discretion of the operator: usually when rescuing wild ground or firing the main gun. 

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Details of lego at ap walker

The AT-AP is armed with a cannon driver mounted in front of the steamer, a heavy machine gun mounted on a turret (with an open cockpit, making the gunner susceptible to infantry fire). of the enemy) and a medium laser cannon under the main spindle. The gunner’s main gun tank is a supply chain full of tools needed to mount any mechanical damage to the walker hinge assembly.

Both operators have their own exclusive cockpits and can access the inside of the shell via two opening ports located on each side of the AT-AP. Alternatively, you can lift the entire top (including firearms stations) backwards star wars ap to get a better view of the function inside the trunk. Warning though, that this might happen AT-AP over.

The arsenal includes many weapons forward. The gunner was also able to shoot a spring-loaded spring from where he was sitting. As mentioned in some of my previous posts about the new spring mechanism, the rocket’s capability is just amazing because it can really shoot a decent range. 

The downside is that the back of the rocket tends to protrude, and in this case, almost right in front of the gunner. The gun can rotate 360 to face enemies from different angles or it can also be locked in place to align with the main gun by simply clicking on a ball slot a few c-clips.

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Experience in building of star wars ap

The box for this set looks a little too extensive and tender than I thought it would be. It was so flat that the five brick packages were a little worn out when I took it out of the box itself. The AT-AP was the centrepiece of the front and back artwork, as usual, painted a picture of how to play the set. 

Also included in the instruction booklet are two and small leaf stickers, which I like. As with the latest releases, minifigs are stored in different packages, possibly to keep the builder’s interest through the construction process. Some of these steps are not easy to read, especially when these pages together with two main parts. 

There is always an indication of where the connecting latches should be placed, but somehow they are easily lost or misinterpreted by someone who is not technically designing. 

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