Here you can find lego star wars Hyena Droid Bomber 8016

The set we love the most - Hyena Droid Bomber 8016

Lego star wars hyena droid bombe 8016 was set in December 2008 / January 2009 as a second phase of the Clone campaign. Includes three mini-games of the Droid Roka Battle. The band was released at the end of December 2008 in the US and UK and January 2009 elsewhere. It has wings that rotate and break them. These bomb attacks were used in the Clone Wars when they fired the Riloth bomb at the end of the invasion. When it was released on January 2009, it was $19.99, but if summer slots were set for 2009, it would be $ 21.99. The new summer of 2010 will be $ 24.99.

Bicycles, Lego star wars droid bomber flight and flight and Israeli marathons in cars that have begun to circulate and escape Star Wars: Lego hyena droid bomber clone wars are forbidden. Lego star wars droid bomber,features four bomb drops and three all-new battle droid rocket minifigures. Rotate the wings for flight and hiking positions.Measure 10 “(25cm) wide by 8” (20cm) wide!

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Let’s go with Hyena-class lego star wars hyena droid bomber

Reply by Hyena at the end of the day, Hyun bombers o Hyena bombers, with starfighters wreck at the Nilikha ng Baktoid Armor Workshop. Reply to this comment. The fact that Hyena can be damaged on board may cause malicious misery or cause harm to the country. Lifeguard toys and wholesalers. The Ginamit sila ng Alliance of Independent Systems in an effort to surpass Croatia.The English version of Hyena and Ginamit are available to start the clone war, and which is available to fight the war and fight the war. 

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Lego star wars hyena droid bomber

The band is not exactly aligned or straight forward. You have to mount the pump drop mechanism which is very complicated (distance and displacement). The asymmetric design added to the challenge but eventually came out okay if you didn’t put it right later.

Lego hyena droid bomber Characteristics

lego hyena droid bomber
 kit has some basic gameplay features, first of all being the ability to drop the “bomb”. There are two shelves each holding two bombs. They are activated by pulling a lever against the tensioning of the elastic band. Sometimes bombs can become “sticky”.

Moving up and down “heads” is another feature. It is held by a robot Minifigure arm that looks like a battle droid.

Eventually, the flaps/legs rotate and move forward and forward as if walking. 

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Who would like to use Minifigures of hyena droid

The kit comes with 3 minidigures of droid soldiers with jetpacks.


The main disadvantage is that the basic features are not very durable. The fins/legs continue to decrease (very spontaneously). Elevated heads are also easy to detach. Then you need to know which head went there (there are three).

Rebuilt legs with smaller, smaller parts (less flexible) that helped, but the series didn’t hold my children’s interest as much as the others. Eventually she suffered the fate of all lego sets, dropped her spare parts and spoke to the general pool. This feature offers several unique parts, mainly curved foreheads (each ¼ cycle) and long compound curved blades/legs.

So, in criticism 

Lego hyena droid bomber Pro’s ,with update

Some interesting pieces

Reasonable price

It’s fun to build

Three rock drug battles

Short shooters


Hyena Droid Bomber

Four bombs

Release the bomb

Standing position

Flying post

Position of attack


Disadvantages lego hyena droid bomber,read more

The finished product is quite fragile.

It’s not as interesting as some of the other ships.


It has three new battle rocket droid figures with dark gray arms and legs, and dark orange heads and torsos. These rocket battle wreaths are equipped with short circuits and jetpacks. The Hyena Droid Bomber itself is a very interesting build and when finished it looks huge and scary. The bomber is equipped with four payload bombs that can be dropped into two by pulling two levers behind the ship. The Hyena can be positioned upright by folding the blades up and down and in the offensive position by folding the blades up and down. The Hyena can also be positioned in the normal flight position by folding the blades up and down. Hyena’s head can also rotate upwards and aim (sticker) underneath the ship. Well, here are the basics of the whole

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