Lego star wars AT-TE is the new thing

AT-TE Discontinued by manufacturer

As for the wrath of the geconomy, the clone commander installed the heavy LEGO Star Wars AT-TE armor with Jedi Masters Mace Windu and Coleman Trebor.Take them into the deep battle with the lego clone at te lift and comfortable posing legs. 

Open the cab and place the minifigure behind the wheel, then shoot the two moving laser guns and turn the upward projectile pulley by sliding. Raise the top door for extra blast guides. Climb the stairs through the tailgate opening to enter the cargo compartment with thermal lighters. Lead every LEGO Star Wars battle with a very tough space tank. Contains 5 minifigures with weapons: Battle Droid, Battle Droid Commander, Mace Windu, Coleman Trebor and Clone Commander. 794 songs.

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The model failed in server methods,Let’s start

1 – There are four pistols in front and two rear ones that project out of the ballad and socket connections. The guns are connected to only one piece. They keep falling.

2 – There is a big gun at the top. It is mounted on the hinge. If you press the tower, the hinges will be pressed and the whole tower will open.

3 – The model has 4 panels (two on each side) hinged with stud technicians. They are required to form the AT-TE edges. Unfortunately, these hinges are only fixed at the bottom, so they are easy to open every time Mondi moves.

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Series of captain rex at te

This lego star wars at te series are really amazing, especially considering the price. If you don’t do it and you want one of the “more expensive, bigger series” then that’s it. Nearly 800 pieces today found the lowest selling price of $ 59.99.

The structure is extremely durable and features a variety of fine features and details such as a removable cab, rotating turrets, and a rear interior. Lego rex at te seems to be accurate to the real AT-TE of the movies, especially given previous releases. Leg formation is a little repetitive, but they move and lego rex at te can be repositioned.

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Lego star wars at te Pros:

Easy to build

good shipment

great features

delicious price

good numbers

Lego star wars at te Cons:

not enough space behind

not in the middle

small compared to others

not enough clones

One of the distinguishing features is probably miniatures. It has a great new Mace Windu design, although the white boots are a bit strange. Get a new release from Coleman Trebor. You can remember him as the guy who almost got Jango Fett but was killed (which made him very good in the Corporate Droid Tank). Finally, you get an excellent detailed clone command, and a Battle Droid command and one.

All in all a good selection and you really can’t beat the quality at this price. As an older builder (compared to the target audience) and a Star Wars fan, it really does make a great show and has great playability for the younger fans out there.

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4482 AT-TE – what else you should know.

4482 AT-TE is a Star Wars: Clones attack series released in 2003. It contains 646 AT-TEs (All Terrain Tactical Enforcer), a speed bike and four Clone Trooper miniatures. The lego mini at te has a small removable holder that holds two minifigures. Lego mini at te in front of him is a cockpit that can accommodate another set of clones. 

Behind the boat a small shelf with a circular saw and the main electric locks. Below them, park your Maroon Sniper bike selection when the rear panel payment folds. With AT-TE it is possible to move forward. 

Roof defective, Do you see a smaller one inside the current minifigures. In the walker with one laser gun mounted around the cab and two behind. The top of the cab also had a rotating gun turret, unlike the 2008 version of the AT-TE, see it was farther along the roof. The set included an old version of a burst tape with a light transparent blue pin at the top.

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Background of lego clone at te

In Geonoi’s first battle, the Republic sent walker and gunner to destroy individual ships. Giant lego clone at tedeadlocks destroyed self-propelled boats with explosive guns and destroyed Geonosian ships. 

The AT-TE or regular all terrain goalkeeper used by Republican Republican troops during the cloning clone was an aggressive step. Multipurpose walking has been used with many objects, from clone groups to large-scale attacks. Often used in very large numbers to destroy enemies only in terms of quantity.

The walker has the ability to measure vertical rocks and use them in battle spaces. It brought enough fuel to travel 310 miles and enough recycled air to keep the crew going for three weeks. The walker was occupied by a team of ten clones and a group of shooters consisting of a pilot controlling his feet, an observer, a shooter for a shooter with a higher mounted cannon, captain rex at te and four internal pistol for other foot guns. 

The walker cannot be compared to the electromagnetic shield for ion damage. The vehicle’s most powerful weapon is the control of most cannon above the front of the walker, which can be loaded with a wide range of heavy energy weapons and a variety of solid shells. Four smaller laser guns were located around the cockpit and two others were behind the walker. Hikers are extremely vulnerable to Hailfire Droids strikes and various air strikes.