LEGO Star Wars Mandalorian Battle Pack 7914

Lego Mandalorian Battle Pack 7914

Lego star wars mandalorian battle pack 7914 is Star Wars: Ang Wars Clone on Inilabas noong Enero 2011.The set consists of two basic models – a speedboat and a firearm turret.The speaker consists of a blue, dark gray and light gray pieces, and was based on a swirl-hammer class, a speaker used by the Mandalorians during the Clone Wars. The accelerator has plenty of space for a mini-mill with jet bike seats and there are steering wheel for mini golf. Atransparent round brick beneath the accelerator was used to hold it and tried to let it swing.

Fight the Clone Soldiers in the Mandburg Army! lego mandalorian army a new force has introduced War Clones from the Separate – Mandalore side! Mandalorian out of the army, the army of the cDNA clone with the assassin, he will argue that point and to build up a lot of the microscope 3 a view of a small, any one has its own unique weapons.

The turret has a similar color pattern to the speedboat and is at a sufficient height for a minifigure to shoot a mounted rifle. The weapon is black with a transparent red head. It consists of many pieces and can be moved from side to side.



These include 4 minifigures: Mandalorian 3 Mandalorian soldiers and robbers;

It has a Mandalorian speedboat, a cannon turret and 5 weapons

Each Mandalorian soldier has a unique weapon

Blast the opposition with the big boxer turret

Expand your powers against the # 7913 Clone Battle Pack Trooper

Mandalorian accelerator measures 2 “(5cm) wide and 3” (7cm) wide

The Blaster Turret is 2cm (5cm) wide and 2cm (5cm) wide

The series comprises a total of four identical miniature mandarins with helmets and pockets. The only differences between the microstimulants are the weapons they carry – one with two bursts of blasting, the other with a blaster, a third with a blaster gun, lego star wars mandalorian sets and the final number has a tripod sniper rifle, integrated into several pieces. 


In some cases, the Mandalorian with a sniper rifle is officially referred to as a “Mandalorian Assassin”, while in others, he was simply known as a “Mandalorian” like everyone else.

This set also appears in the 66378 Super Pack 3 in 1.66377 Super Pack 3 in 1 and the 66431 Star Wars Super Pack 3 in 1 package.

The set appeared on Watch for Smokers Eaters! in LEGO Club Issue 1 2011.

Death Eaters is a group of Mandalusians whose purpose is to restore all the Mandalusians to their ancient roots as fierce warriors. Mandalorian battle back during the Clone Wars, Death Watch was led by Pre Vizsla, and the group targeted the New Mandalorian, and made several unsuccessful attempts at the life of the New Mandalorians, Duchess Satine. Death Watch employs several vehicles and weapons, including swoop bikes, sniper rifles and blasters. The group would later be reborn as Mandalorian Super Commandos by Darth Maul, and later as Imperial Super Commandos after the fall of the Republic.A new force has introduced the rules of war from the Mandalore stand!