LEGO Star Wars Republic Dropship with AT-OT Walker 10195

Find the Republic Dropship with AT-OT Walker 10195

10195 Series Star Wars Republic: Clone Wars is a drop-ship with AT-OT. used during the Cloning Wars. The set consists of six Clone Troopers and two Clones Pilot Guides. This series is thought to be the series Clone Wars and the Ultimate Collector series. To date, there are more Trooper Clone miniatures in this series than any other release. There are 1758 songs.

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Details of Republic Dropship with AT-OT Walker

Featured drops include laser cannons, explosion missiles, a flipping cockpit and storage space, large wings and a Technic lock pin. The front module has alternate nose shapes on the sides, one with a Wampa animal and another with a clone arm fighting the droid’s head. 

The pages can be raised to show a small storage area that contains a tray with eight backup shots. There is also a small flap behind the front unit leading to the same storage area. The cockpit is mounted on top of the front and has space for a pilot. The transparent canopy is required to give the pilot access. Two transferred bullet towers, similar to the 7676 lego star wars republic dropship with at ot walker, are mounted in front, a dark red section.

Above the sides of the Dropship is small cannon on either side. The handle is located on top of the boat’s sloping hull. It is usually hidden but easy to turn up for access. 

Large motors are located on either side of the handle and mounted on top of each large, sloping blade. Underneath each wing is an explosive missile launcher. Lego at ot dropship each launcher has four red-point missiles that can be fired instantly by pressing or swinging the switch behind the trigger.

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More information about Republic Dropship with AT-OT Walker

The large technical pin used to transport AT-OT, AT-TE and turbo tanks is located under the transport handle for maximum stability when transporting the vehicle. If the pin is pulled back, it will automatically lock on the vehicle handle when it is climbed, slipped and locked in place. 

To leave the vehicle, the pin must be retracted. The pin has a white hand with a gray disc at either end. The arms are fastened to rubber straps and secured with technical pieces to support them when the boat is on the ground and slightly lower when it is up in the air. Behind the boat is another mobile ball turret similar to 7676.

The AT-OT features a separate cockpit, four mobile laser cannons, eight mobile legs, sixteen soldiers’ seats, a transport handle and a boarding ramp. The cockpit is in the foreground and it is a pilot seat. Additional shielding above the cockpit can be folded backwards, the sides below, and the front, roof-mounted, rearward facing. 

The entire cockpit can also be folded back, allowing the dropship to fit over the stroller. There is a laser cannon on each side of the cockpit, lego at ot walker both of which can be tilted up and down. Each of the legs rests on the foot, and to a limited extent on the top. The open “bed” of the walker seats sixteen soldiers, lego star wars at ot dropship as well as mounts for six blasters, located on large armour panels on the side.

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It’s all about AT-OT features,try this

The AT-OT or All Terrain Open Transport was a carrier used by the Great Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars, manufactured by the Kuat Drive Yard. Unlike other Kuat Drive Yards AT-Series walkers, it is not designed to compete. Instead, it was used as football players to reinforce troops behind friendly lines. 

AT-OT walkers have plenty of seats for at least 34 cloned soldiers but can carry more troops thanks to the open bed design. At ot dropship lego although these eight-foot sidewalks were well-armed and equipped with four laser cannons for defence, their open-top made them extremely vulnerable to attack from above. 

In the open planning of the troop transport in a random attempt, the walkers were usually used in clone wars far from the front lines, travelling alone to gather troops. The outer perimeter of the race. It participated in the outer seas, mainly in the battle of Felucia, where heavy forests were covered. During the imperial period, they were replaced by modified AT-TH for the carriage of goods.

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