Grab your Lego Republic Frigate 7964

LEGO Star Wars Republic Frigate 7964

Lego star wars republic frigate 7964 is Star Wars The second clone Wars is set for the second wave of 2011, in June. There are 1015 pieces in the set.The ring is on the front of the ship under the slopes below, a gun turret above, a dish on the right, and a front hood using SNOT. A cylindrical pod is at the bottom of the pipe. 

The top hood of the pipe can be opened and closed by the flank between the woven point on the pipe and the hull. Lego star wars frigate is two chambers on the right hand and on the left with the center of the ship the slopes are blown from the bottom, and the hinges from above. There is a hologram device in the right room with a computer to show where the striking ship is. 

A picture was printed of a hologram on a skeleton of a minority, perhaps the Palpatine Chancellor. The room on the left includes pieces for a “bombing”. At the centre of the ship are TECHNICAL beams that can be wound so that it can function as a “fly” handle. On the right and on the right are fully available firearms. In the middle of the rear wing is an open and closed tuner signal with an inflatable gun in the back. 

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Note of lego republic frigate best in 2019 

The official name for this ship in World Wars was a cruiser of a consular class (retro fitter C70).

There are many similarities between this set and the Republic of Republic of 7665, which was released in 2007. This is because they are both based on the same ship in the Star Wars universe, the polite Consular class. However, republic frigate 7964 as the consular class variable at the war, there were some unique differences, including the main gray armada and many weapons. The 7665 is based on the standard Consular design.

Yoda is the only non-exclusive part of this set.

This series includes a Palpatine hologram-like one of UCS 10221 Super Star Destroyer.

Each Jedi has light lights in this area.

The series of the third Star Wars series was released in 2011, and the second was the 7965 Blue Millennium and the first was 10221 UCS Super Star Destroyer. This series is also the main Star Wars: The Clone Wars version was released in 2011.

Just from Star Wars Clone Wars, the opening of Frigate Wars in the Republic of Ireland has a detachable escape pod, opening cockpit, burning turbo-laser guns, a proton torped launcher, retractable transit, open hats and interiors. detailed. Includes Yoda, Eeth Koth, Quinlan Vos, Clone Commander Wolffe and the Clone Wolf Wolfpack minifigures. 

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Specification of lego star wars frigate with updates

Removable escape pod features, open cookers, turbo-laser cannons, propo-capacitor launchers, minimum refundable conduct, open hatches and detailed interiors

Open essays play in the detailed interior including windows, storage compartments, chairs and panels!

Contact the Palpatine Chancellor via a holographic transmitter!

Return to 4 legs to make a gentle landing or show!

Star wars republic frigate measures over 19 “(48cm) wide, 11” wide, (27cm) wide and 5 “(12cm) high 

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Box details of star wars republic frigate,try something new

One thing you notice from the art piece is that the correct model is different from that in the box art in the back compartment and you can take care of it as well. The front of the box shows a beautiful art piece and the set details. The upper part of the box shows a 1: 1 scale of all offices and the back shows the Frigate of the Republic and the announcement of another version of LEGO Star Wars.


The series features nine brick bags, two instruction books that come in different sizes and a sticker sheet that makes kids’ bags break. Why don’t they pack them as one of the Pirates of the Caribbean ??? Standardize magnets but not in play packaging?


Guess we all know that new beams of light, which are in darker green instead of green or yellow lime. Also included is the SE-14 pistol blaster.

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Minifigs – more information that you need to know.

compared to the Turbo Tank this series includes us with more new offices like Commander Wolffe, Trooper Wolfpack, Eeth Koth and Quinlan Vos. You have Yoda from AAT and magnet set up, so nothing new there. The four new ceilings have mini offices printed on either side. You just love the new mini offices, especially the new clone Trooper.

Lego star wars republic frigate

Lego republic frigate looks cool Republic and you like the ship itself, though the design is very similar to the Cruiser Republic. There is a huge factor of admissibility and segmentation of which some should be adorned with a given sticker. However, he is still a good ship.

You can start from the beginning to the back of the ship again and firstly the flick-fire of the hose roof, the laser gun flick-fire. Do you feel a little disappointed but without the tail glued to the back of the cannon, it is ugly. Guess that you just should accept the availability, maybe they were shot or what. 

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