Best of Mini Sets

Best of Mini Sets

The Star Wars Mini is a subset of LEGO Star Wars kits that consist of small-scale models of Star Wars vehicles. The first set of Star Wars Mini (3219 Mini TIE Fighter) was released in 2002. As usual for small-scale models, they do not include microscopes.

All-Star Wars Mini sets typically contain less than 100 pieces, but are still larger than most impulse sets. Even the very first set, the 3219 Mini TIE Fighter, contained only 12 pieces, making it the smallest of the mini sets ever made.

A secret Mini TIE Bomber model can be built using the extras included in sets 4484 to 4487 .. Another secret model is the Mini Y-wing Fighter which requires extra parts from the set 4488 to 4491.

Top three mini set

The Mini Sebulba’s 4474 Podracer and Anakin’s Podracer are a Star Wars set released in 2003. This set contains additional instructions for creating a TIE Bomber, using extras from the 4484, 4486 and 4487 sets.The set contains two small-scale decorators. Each one has a cockpit, two machines and a transparent piece that connects them. The Anakin Skywalker podracer has a blue body, with two blue levers mounted on both sides. A light gray pole is placed over the body. The two yellow four-point machines are connected by a transparent orange neon track, which in turn is connected to several transparent tracks connected to the main body of the competitor.

The 4493 Mini Sith Infiltrator is a Star Wars Mini set released in 2004. It is a personal star of Darth Maul, the Scimitar also called the Sith Infiltrator. The range is mainly made of cheap gray stone and light blue pieces. The base of the ship is a large wing. At the front of the ship is a 2×4 tile with a flat 2×6 sand blue piece, and another 2×4 tile, and a 2×4 sloped brick after it. Behind the sloped bricks are two 1×2 sloped bricks. Behind the sloped bricks is the cockpit, and the top of the cockpit is a dish with a Sith print on it.

The Mini TIE 6965 portable transponder is a TIE Interceptor mini Star Wars model released in 2004. The set has 4 wings, two at the top and two upsides down, all with 1×2 black tiles on them. In the center of the wings on both sides are two dark gray sticks, representing the arms.