Get your Lego Droids Battle Pack 7654

LEGO Droids Battle Pack 7654

Lego star wars droid battle pack 7654 was released in 2007 as part of the Sith series Star Wars revenge. This is a Battle Pack containing four Droid battles and three Battle of the Droid. 

This set has a droid tank and a STAP version.The Trade Federation is on course! Send your forces into the fight against the Republic with a droid carrier and the STAP “hovering”, complete with a full-fledged armed and ready combat team. The set includes 4 Droid battles and 3 Droid Super Battle mini-games!

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The main part of the construction is the transfer speed. Lego star wars battle droid battle pack has a back room for five droids. two of the Battle Droids, and all three of the Super Battle Droids. 

Their guns can fit right behind the pilot. The pilot (which is a regular Droid Battle) stands upright on a cone from which the vehicle drives, and on each side is a long blaster turret, using a lamp and handle) (both in gray) ) with a small blaster underneath each of them. The other part of the set is a STAP OF lego assassin droid battle pack.

Lego star wars battle droid battle pack consists of a vertical strut, with a machine holding two. the gun at the top and the engines are attached to the edges There is a brick for The Droid Battle to stand, but it will not stay in place unless the transparent piece is attached to hold it means it is impossible to install the box unless other means are used to hold the track. 

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Background of lego star wars droid battle pack-don’t miss

The speaker was used to bring Droids and Super Battle Droids into battle. The picture in the box represents a scene from Kashyyyk, where there are Batroldroids fighting against the Wookiees. STAP, representing the Single Trooper Trooper Platform, first appeared in the movies in Episode I during the Naboo invasion.

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Released in January 2007 with its 7655 Clone Troopers Battle Pack.

Although released in 2007, it was released under the 2005 Sith Purpose Quest.

This set has more minifigures than any other Battle Pack with a total of 7.

This set was the only battle pack in which the Droids brought their blasters with a megaphone in 2007. The design was later converted to 7662 Trade Federation MTT

This set is based on Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. This is a great set to help quickly create the number of “LEGO kids” in your collection. And to my kids, it’s about “boys.” 

He has 4 Battles and 3 Super Battles and a metaphor to bring everything. Lego star wars commando droid battle pack work well for a few hours, but for a long time they seem to have gotten married and been a little loose (in the joints). 

LEGO is a product that has been around for many years, so that’s a key point for me. If the models are used for projection and never played, they may last, but eventually the same thing will happen.

And in play often, especially in younger children who are not careful, parts become loose faster and some components can also be damaged.One strong point about LEGO is that you don’t worry about the pieces coming together battle droid battle pack. 

They are always perfect and well organized. The existence of other brick toy brands.The TLG used the back of the box to present the minifig range, probably because it doesn’t fit all at the top of the box. The baseboard has ads for other wave sets, including this corresponding set.As this is one of the 2007 sets, one of the sides has a 30th anniversary logo.

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The color definition is around the standard for newer sets; confused with dark gray and black. For a small set like this, however, there are no conflicting pieces. 

The background is light gray, with seemingly random lighter gray curving and criss-crossing lines on it. Like the other 2007 sets, it features Ralph McQuarrie’s Darth Vader helmet from the original novel in the top corner, but on pages 3, 5, 9, 11, 17, and 19.: wacko:The back-end features LEGO Clubs and Shop Home ads.

You get four battles (or B1s, for ancient Star Wars) and three Super Droids Battles (B2s), for a total of seven minifigs. That’s an unprecedented number for a $ 10 Star Wars set, even if you keep in mind that droids are cheaper to produce. 

Both B1s have old megaphone style blocks, which is a slight warning given the Clones battle package with the new blasters and the straight droid arm. to be introduced later that year. 

The other two B1s didn’t bring anything, which is ok because they checked the vehicles.The rear of the B1 has a pin, while the rear of the B2 is hollow: 

The box is set in front of the usual Star Wars and laser blasts, with the same jungle background that appears in the Clones and Kashyyyk battle pack.

 This is actually a rule, as the closest relative of this ship, the PAC, has been deployed at Kashyyyk. One interesting fact: the ship actually has its own Wookieepedia page, not to mention if the boat is a canon vehicle. 

Unlike older Battle Packs or BPs, the ‘Build Your Hands’ icon has a ‘real’ character image and not the LEGO tradition.The back has only two frames, one is red and the other is striped in gray

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