Best of the year

Best of the year

If you’ve spent your childhood playing LEGO, there are times when you will continue to love it as you get older. This may be a popular view, but LEGO has never been popular with kids. Yes, there is always an age group written in the box and they are rarely over 16 years old, but if you look around the local LEGO store, customers are often older.

If you look at social media, Youtube or Instagram, there are hundreds of thousands of LEGO-focused channels and accounts, and most of them are adults. There is no doubt that there are many adult LEGO sets available each year. Yes, they may not be written in boxes, but these columns require a developed brain to fully appreciate and sometimes build.

The list below combines the best LEGO adult sets with all the themes you can buy in 2019. These sets offer more than just playback. They come at higher price points but offer a real building experience that will be greatly appreciated by a young person. In other words, they are not toys. In fact, you will find that most of them are good parts of the show and once you have one, you will not receive the usual criticism of the LEGO building as an adult.


75252 UCS Star Discover

42083 Widow Bugatti

21309 NASA Apollo Saturn B

21046 Empire State Building

76042 The SHIELD Helicopter

10256 Taj Mahal

75060 UCS Slave 1

10265 Ford Mustang

10266 NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander

71042 Hogwarts Castle

10262 Aston Martin DB5

75936 Jurassic Park T-Rex Rampage

75192 UCS Millenium Falcon

So, we have the list of the best LEGO Adult sets in 2019, I’m sure you’ll agree we’re pretty spoiled for sets released this year. Remember those on the list that are still available for purchase. My advice is to get them before they retire, as most sets of this size always go for value.