Here is your lego star wars 75054 AT-AT Building Toy

LEGO Star Wars 75054 AT-AT Building Toy - Discontinued by manufacturer

Who can stop the Blackmail AT-AT-All Terrain Armored Transport-Pedestrians of the Empire? Sit your Lego star wars at at driver and snow trooper in the cockpit of this powerful war machine and move your head to aim the spring loaded shooter. 

Grab your legs, operate the trap door on your body, then open the side hatch to improve your playability. Collect 75049 Snowspeeder (sold separately) in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back to play the classic Hot of Hoth scene! Includes 5 minifigures with a variety of weapons and accessories, including Lego star wars at at driver, general, snow trooper commander and 2 snow troopers.

 Includes 5 different weapons and accessories (including AT-AT driver, general, snow trooper commander and 2 snow troopers). Features a moving head with cockpit for two, two spring-loaded shooters, an opening body with possible legs and a switch-operated trap door. 

Weapons including the blaster pistol and three blaster rifles also include electric binocular elements. Size is 12 cm (33 cm) high, 12 cm (32 cm) long and 4 cm (11 cm) wide.

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Add a fearsome walker to your LEGO Star at at Wars First Order Army with Heavy Assault Walker. Based on the walker in the blockbuster Star Wars: Episode VIII movie, this stunning model features solid armor plate detail, a poseable leg, a minifigure cockpit and a head to open the springload shooter, a quick firing stud shooter aiming at the top, detached from the walker rear Detachable container that can. 

There is an extra stud ammo on the side and a storage room with an opening with space for a minifigure and extra missile ammunition on the back. This amazing set also includes 5 minifigures.

The 8129 AT-AT Walker is a classic Star Wars set released in August 2010, consisting of 815 pieces, C-3PO, Rebel Soldier (Hoth), Luke Skywalker (Pilot, New Design), Han Solo (Hoth) Includes. , New Design), 2 Snowtroopers, AT-AT Pilot, and General Veers (New Design) Minifigure. 

It is also a limited edition Toys-R-Us exclusive product. This is LEGO’s third set of system scales for this vehicle, the 2004 4483 Imperial AT-AT, and the 2007 10178 Motorized Walking AT-AT. This model includes a compact Rebel turret similar to that included in the 1999 7130 Snowspeeder and 2004 4500 Rebel Snowspeeder. 

Notable features include the AT-AT’s bridge position, cockpit opening, mobile “heads”, mobile military platforms and rebel turrets. This set adds to the battle that took place in honor of the number of LEGO Star Wars sets based on Hoth’s snow planet and the 30th anniversary of Episode V.

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This notable version of the star wars first order at at Walker includes the ability to position the walker’s legs in any position. This was true even in the original case, but it was not in the latest models of walking on their own using Power Functions. 

The set also includes the ability to open the cockpit and place the AT-AT pilot behind detailed controls. Unlike the movie, however, there could only be one pilot in the cockpit, while in episode V there was enough room for two pilots sitting side by side and a general behind them. 

Not only the head, but also the legs can be placed so that you can see the walker in detail, as you can see in the packaging of the goods. The walker body has a detachable cavalry platform. 

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Two large side doors on both sides open, it includes a small storage box, a weapons locker and other computers with seats for Snowtroopers and a regular vehicle Minifigures to sit on. Around the “head” of the walker there are four large laser cannons, in addition to the two on the side with the rotation function.

Small Rebel Turrets can aim the blaster up and down and rotate on the platform. On the back of the platform there is a place where Hoth Rebel Trooper can stand and control the turret. This turret is similar to the one included in the 1999 set 7130 Snowspeeder and the 2004 set 4500 Rebel Snowspeeder.

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Star wars first order at st own it now! 

Three of the eight minifigures included in this set Star Wars first order at at are exclusive and two are rare. The newly designed solo looked similar to that found on the 8097 Slave I, with a vest and Hoth gear. 

The General Veers figure is exclusive and the same design as the 80h’s Hoth Imperial Offier, but with a new face. The new Luke Skywalker Rebel pilot is also exclusive to this set. In addition to the same torso as Zev, the new Luke features a new helmet print with markings similar to earlier versions and Zev Senesca. 

Luke also offers a “whip” piece that hangs on the underside of the walker as seen in the movie along with a blue chromed light sword. Among the slightly rare minifigures included are the Hoth Rebel Trooper, which was previously only available in the Set 8083 Rebel Trooper Combat Pack, except for the slightly redesigned face dedicated to this set. 

The AT-AT pilot features the same redesign found in the 8084 Snow Trooper Battle Pack earlier this year. It also includes the latest C-3PO colors and designs and two Snowtroopers.

With a height of 22.5 meters, this walker is intimidating and used as much for psychological effects as for tactical ones. The AT-AT has an impervious armor plate and resembles a giant beast when moving across the battlefield. 

The head of the AT-AT is armed with a pair of light blasters located on the walker’s “template” and a larger twin laser cannon mounted on the walker’s “chin”. The command team controls the AT-AT from the walker’s head connected to the body with a flexible neck. The crew consists of commanders, shooters and pilots. Additional crew and troops can be loaded in the walker’s main storage bay.

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