Own your 7752 Star Wars Count Dooku's Solar Sailer

LEGO 7752 Star Wars Count Dooku's Solar Sailer

7752 Dooku’s Solar Sailer is a Star Wars: Lego star wars count dooku’s solar sailer wars released in February 2009 as part of a second wave. Available only at LEGO.com, the LEGO store and the ‘R’ Us game. Includes a new Dooku counter with the personal accelerator, two MagnaGuards and the FA-4 (Count Dooku pilot) micro-plates, has 385 pieces.

Solar Count Sail Dooku is a Punworcca 116 snail space with ancient and unique sails secured at the Gree Enclave. The sail is driven in an unknown way except for the standard propulsion method and is commonly tested by the FA-4 as Count Dooku reviews the built-in library database.

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Note of lego star wars count dooku’s solar sailer

Count dooku solar sailer is limited edition set.Lego dooku’s solar sailer was released on LEGO.com soon in December 2008 in all countries, but in America and Canada. Lego count dooku’s solar sailer set can play two minifigures. a microscope mounted on the accelerator on board and a mini mini pilot in the cockpit.

Planning to destroy Democracy, Count Dooku wraps his stylish Solar Sailer from a Clone Wars battlefield to the next. With MagnaGuard’s bodyguards, the pilot droid and the personal accelerator, the evil Sith Lord will make it impossible to capture her and evade her plans! It has dual wings and dual fired missiles.

This set is unique to build. Uses S.N.O.T. (nails not on top) approach well and while construction is poor in areas we have seen very well. The minifigs in this set are amazing. The minifig of Dooku’s number is creepy and stunning. 

Also, the bullet light is chrome, not gray (yay!) MagnaGaurds are great, especially if you don’t have a MagnaGaurd Starfighter and in the end the Pilot Droid is a nice touch (it still uses an old foot of the Lego plot as the head!). 

It has four launch rockets and, as usual, is not very impressive, but an interesting launcher is still in use. The flaps they fold are nice and damp to the rest of the boat and the accelerator looks great too.

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Start with Dooku’s Solar Sailer

The Dooku Sailboat is a modified form of the interstellar Punworcca 116 belonging to Count Dooku,lego dooku’s solar sailer also known as Darth Tyranus. Dooku used this yacht to escape the first battle of Geonosis in 22 BBY. 

The ship Tyranus is a unique blend of agronomic engineering and technology from the pre-Republic of Greece. The ship is tested by an FA-4 pilot droid and can travel in real space and space.

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Design of count dooku solar sailer

Built on the site of the Huppla Pasa Tisc Shipwrights Collective Punworcca, the Dooku solar boat is a unique blend of Geonosian and Gree technology. The plateau is 15.2 meters long, 4.6 meters wide and 4.8 meters deep. 

Like many geonosian urban ships, it has two multifunctional bow tips, with a turbine cockpit mounted between the two, and a crew aboard the board stern. The dark surface of the solar rudder hull is made up of heavy metals that are extremely rare in Geonosis. 

The interior of the boat was adapted to the sophisticated taste of Dooku and to the role of leader of the Confederation of Independent Systems and was fitted with a wide library with libraries, strategic map drawings and decorated ornaments and bedrooms.

Armament of lego count dooku’s solar sailer

Lightweight, the solar mariner carries rows of 84 narrow beam-cement metal tractors along with arc protrusions that can serve as aggressive fights. 

In addition, the cockpit module can be replaced with a specialized weapon or sensor shaft, if necessary, and the steering controls are directed to the main slot. The most famous aspect of Dooku’s solar sailer was its sail, a primitive work of ancient Greece given by Dooku himself. 

Unlike most solar sails, combined with a moon-like diameter and pushing waves or ultraviolet lasers, Dooku’s unique sail has no unique source of energy. 

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The Dooku fabric is made up of a unique knowledge that reflects otherwise human imperfect over-emission and focuses the rest of the decision across the galaxy which may be smaller in diameter than most descriptions. The freedom not offered by such a unique ship enhances Dooku’s mystical demeanor in Geonosian eyes, and many military pirates believe that Dooku’s ships are flying magically.

Solar sailing equipment is also equipped with a conventional respirator, and tractor transmitters coupled with bow attachments can start steering aid when things are pushed and pulled. The propagation of the effects of radiation around the teeth can come from providing excessive mobility when in the environment. Dooku may have to rely on an FA-4 pilot to have his vehicle passed.

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