Let's go with lego star wars Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator 7961

Why Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator 7961 is what you need

Lego Sith Infiltrator 7961 with new update

Watch the Jedi in the advanced LEGO Star Wars Sith Infiltrator Darth Maul’s staff, staffed by Darth Sidious’s teacher, has everything needed to carry out the Dark Lord’s offer, including retractable landing gear, folding wings, a mini-cockpit. and two front or rear loader springs. 

Once you’ve unlocked the Droid and found the enemy, jump on the detached Sith Speeder to watch. With the power of the Sith on your side, you are more than just a battle for every major student! Contains 4 minifigures with various weapons: Darth Maul, Qui-Gon Jinn, young Anakin Skywalker and Watto, and R2-D2.7961 Darth Maul’s Sith Filter is Star Wars: Episode I: Phantom Menace, released June 2011. This is the third release of the Sith Filter, behind the 1999 and 2007 series (including miniseries). It also has two Sith detector droids, unlike two previous series that had three.

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Lego Sith Infiltrator Specification ,try new

  • Contains 4 minifigures with various weapons: Darth Maul, Qui-Gon Jinn, young Anakin Skywalker and Watto, and R2-D2
  • It has a retractable landing pad, folding wings, a compact chamber with compact space, two front or rear loader springs, a removable Droid indicator and a removable SithSpeeder
  • The weapons are Darth Maul’s Lightsaber and Qui-Gon’s Lightsaber
  • It also includes a microwave element
  • Release the Droid Indicators to follow the Jedi
  • Install rubber cannons front or rear
  • Go to the SithSpeeder and chase the enemy.
  • Create amazing Lightsaber battles from Star Wars movies!
  • Like Star Wars Episode I: Fantastic Threat
  • The Sithfilter (with open flaps) has a height of more than 15 cm, a length of 14 cm (38 cm) and a width of 11 cm (29 cm).
  • Contains Padme Naberrie’sfirst Minifigure in over ten years. It is also the first to have flesh-coloured skin instead of yellow skin.
  • Master Panakais exclusive to this series.
  • This one of the original series has a Zabrakfront end. Another model is the Savage Opress 7957 in the Sith Nightspeeder series, which was released at the same time. This is also the third series in 2011 that featured a mini green Zabrak.
  • This series is also part of the 5000067 Star Wars SithKit Series.
  • The fast-paced Sithin this series cannot be driven directly into the cockpit, as in the latest version, but stored in the front compartment.

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Star wars sith infiltrator Pros:

  • It has tremendous gameplay and impression.


  • Lotta grey parts, if you are tired, it can show tricks to your visions during construction, but still overall easy to build.

Best of Lego star wars sith infiltrator note:

  • For a younger child 7 out of 10 (because it can break and is not the best wrestling.)
  • Older children 5/ 10 (love boat and figs).
  • Adults 8 out of 10 (big little figs buy miniature figs if you get a good price like me then buy it at the price I paid for a pretty good set).
  • mini wallets


  • Darth Maul = verynice version
  • Padme = meh ok what’s special
  • Qui Gon = again available immediately in other series
  • Captain Panaka= Big mini on HTF piano.

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Lego Sith Infiltrator 7151 compared to Lego Sith Infiltrator 7961 Building Kit

Lego Sith Infiltrator 7151

7151 Sith Infiltrator was 243 pieces of LEGO Star Wars Episode I: The Ghost Menace released in 1999. It is the ship owned by Sith Apprentice Darth Maul. Includes Darth Maul (double-breasted jersey) and three Sie Probe Droid Minifigures. The set consists mainly of dark grey and light grey pieces and a small blue. 

The front of the ship is flat with blue plates that extend up to the cockpit, a flat piece bent like a shield. Above these are the sloping tracks containing the storage space. The bottom of the ship is made up of black pieces standing on top of the ship. There are two folding wings on the left and right sides of the ship. The back of the ship opens and can be used to record dark probe droid eyes and cruise control.

Lego Sith Infiltrator 7961

This is a very good medium series with lots of thumbnails. There are some features here, but in fact, it was expected to be much longer due to its size, but overall pretty interesting. The best feature for me is the doors and secret storage for Darth Maul sword light. But it would be better if you put on his full double leg. 

It is a bit thin in certain places and it is difficult for children to play with one hand or hold it with one hand. Some songs collapse under heavy use such as Legos. This happened really well. It is a nice ship, the instructions for assembling it were very good. It’s awesome. The build time was about 1.5 hours and very enjoyable. 

It’s bigger when it’s ready when I thought it was, and it has some decent features. In terms of durability, as with any LEGO series, you cannot break this issue without hitting or partially slipping on other ships. It’s not impossible, and if you just get attention, it can be sanded around without any problems. The minifigures are great.

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