Own your Limited Edition Set 7879 Hoth Echo Base

LEGO Star Wars Limited Edition Set 7879 Hoth Echo Base

Defend the Hoth Echo Base (7879) from the evil Empire Forces! The Imperials are discovering a rebel base hidden on Hoth’s ice planet and preparing to destroy the rebel coalition. Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia and the Protocol Droid R3PO are ready to defend the attack as two snowtroopers approach.

 Luke Skywalker is in a bacterial tank that is treated with a medical droid 21B. The LEGO Star Wars Hoch Echo Base (7879) includes: bacta tank,  One solo, injured Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, 21B, Protocol Droid R3PO, Chewbacca and two Snow Troopers,  Flick missile gun turret firing!  Defend your rebel allies with repeating blaster and blaster rifle weapons!  Width is over 21, height is over 5 , Imperial Speed Bike is 5 or more.

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Who can use lego star wars echo base

6 years old received lego star wars hoth echo base for Christmas. One of the better lego sets. He kept construction only for a day, but there are some good pieces, including molded wall pieces and control panels.

He loves moving blaster racks and Bacta Tanks. Luke minifig has two faces. Just Head Over: There is no “Limited Edition” for this set! Same as the other Hoth Echo Base available. This set is difficult for young children to make alone.

At least about 5 seats accessories here at The Empire Strikes Back! Great weapons and taunts! Help the Rebels Evacuate!

A great set to add to your diorama to revive your attacks on lego star wars base hoth! Not only can you get a swell turret, but you can also get the first Lego helper, a pair of imperial snow troopers, some rebels, and of course a great one solo. 

Really cool character collection! 155 pieces. 7-12 years old. When Han Solo leaves for his Dovalt mission, the Snow Trooper attacks with a blasting blaster. It is up to the Rebel Alliance cavalry to fight against missile-fired turrets and trenches.

Lego hoth echo base Echo Base lets you fight the Empire and defend your rebel alliance. Including 773 sets, 8 minifigures include Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Protocol Droid R3PO, Luke Skywalker, Medical Droid 21B and 2 Snow Blowers. Suitable for over 3 years old, it features a taunt stabilizer, lock gate, falling icicle trap, medical bay, etc. 

There are also speeder bikes, working cargo cranes and two rotating radar dishes. Released in 2011, this set has become one of the most popular brands in the LEGO Star Wars franchise, and the brick is compatible with other sets of the same series.

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Details of lego hoth base

Fantastic LEGO Recreation at Lego hoth echo base: Episode V’s Rebel Echo Base gives you all the details you need to create your own epic ice battles with the Empire Strikes Back. Start your recon mission with a snow speeder armed with twin spring loaded shooters.

 If you find an enemy speed bike, return to the base and help Luke, one and the other rebel heroes lock the blast doors and get ready for the laser cannon. Take control of your gun turret with the double springload shooter and strengthen your destructive ion cannon with 2 springload shooters! 

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This amazing model has more features: a service zone with a crane, a control room zone, a generator with explosive features, a rotary communication dish, a scout post with a double stud shooter, and a Tauntaun with a self-stabilizing device. There is also a Wampa cave (including Wampa) where Luke can escape! This amazingly detailed set of modular designs also means you can create your own Rebel base configuration. Get ready for the best LEGO Star Wars action!

It features a modular wall and trench section, a Rebel base with Snowspeeder and Speeder bikes.

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Lego star wars hoth echo base best of all 

Walls are equipped with sliding blast doors, crane-mounted service zones, control room zones, generators with explosion capabilities, ion cannons with double spring-loaded shooters, laser turrets with spring-loaded shooters and space for minifigures, double stud shooters There is a scout post.

Minifigure, Town Town Stables, amp wave room for caves. Snowspeeder has an open cockpit, extended speed flap and two spring loaded shooters. Contains Luke’s Rayblade, 7 Blaster Pistols, 2 Blaster Rifles, and 2 Blasters. Accessories include 7 Hoth Rebel helmets, 2 Snowtrooper helmets, and a flying helmet from Wes and Wedge.

Snow speeders measure 5cm in height, 18cm in length and 17cm in width. The Speeder bike measures over 3cm high, 13cm long and 4cm wide. The size of the generator is 8 cm high, 16 cm wide, and 13 cm deep. The dimensions of the wall, including the ion cannon, are 15 cm high, 51 cm wide and 30 cm deep. The size of the trench is 10 cm high, 35 cm wide, and 11 cm deep.

The 7879 Hoth Echo Base is a set released in the 2011 Classic Star Wars line. This includes several similar ones used in the 7749 Echo Base set, such as tauntaun and E-webb. The set can be connected to the back to create or unfold a smaller pedestal.

This Hoth Echo base set is still the largest Hoth Echo base set. Notable features include the opening and closing of the base itself, a rotating radar dish, an icicle booby trap, a rotary gun and missile launcher, a cargo crane in operation, and a Bacta tank and Tauntaun stall with a small medical center. Minifigures included in this set are 2-1B Medical Droid, R-3PO, Luke Skywalker (Bacta), Han Solo (Parka), Princess Leia, Chewbacca, 2 Snowtroopers and Tauntaun.

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