Grab your lego star wars Hoth Wampa Set 8089

Wars Hoth Wampa Set 8089 - the new generation

Luke Skywalker is brutally attacked by ferocious worm-wave hoth wampa cave ice creatures during his reconnaissance mission against Hoth. Can you use your power to recover the light sword before hoth Wampa cave brings him? Or can Zev Zenesca pilot use snowspeeder to save him?

 LEGO 8089 Star Wars keeps kids involved for hours Kids need to assemble popular Star Wars characters Hoth, Luke Skywalker, Wampa, Pilot Zev Senesca and Ice lego star wars hoth wampa Cave. An icy creature, the amp digger, attacks and captures Luke Skywalker. Whether Zev senesca with a snow speeder saves him, save him with his power and light saber will remain in the imagination of children who enjoy this set of Star Wars. 

Snowspeeder has open cockpits and tow cables with straps and hooks. This Hoth Wampa set features Luke Skywalker for Hoth winter gear, Zev Senesca for snow speeder uniforms, and the ice creature Wampa for minifigures. Wampa’s Ice Cave is 7 and 4. The snowspeeder has a measuring length of 7. LEGO 8089 Star Wars is available with other Star Wars sets # 7749, # 8083 and # 8084 and can be purchased separately.

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Details of lego star wars hoth wampa cave

Stimulate and play happily with your kids with the wampa Star Wars LEGO Complete Set and Pack. There are many different sets to choose from, and some of them are the most difficult to delight. The LEGO brand, a toy giant, continues to inspire future builders with tools to produce imagination and real results. Adventure awaits with Star Wars Lego Theme. 

Combining classic characters with exciting, imaginative new characters. A fun way to add new spins to an existing LEGO set is to add clever characters. The set includes a total of 297 pieces, providing a level of complexity that is accessible to both new and experienced builders. Recommended for ages 7 and older.

The set consists of two main parts. Snow lego star wars 8089  Cave and Rebel Snowspeeder. Snowspeeder is almost identical to a car of the same name as released in 2007 on the 7666 Hoth Rebel Base set. It features an open windshield that can open the whole or only the front half is accessible to the pilot. 

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All Snowspeeder versions built on a system scale were released with a small 2×2 slant brick with AT-AT shadow printed on the computer targeting screen. This set contains the same computer as the old set, but with a slightly adjusted printout. The back of the Snowspeeder has a rotary blaster and a winch. 

The winch can be released by turning the small TECHNIC gear back. Winches are used to trip large AT-AT Walkers, and this set and Snowspeeder can be combined with the 8129 AT-AT Walker to recreate scenes from Episode V.

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wampa star wars lego

The 8089 Hoth Wampa Cave set was released in July-August 2010 as part of the LEGO Classic Star Wars line. This set consists of 297 pieces and includes Wampa, Luke Skywalker (Hoth), Skeleton, and Zev Senesca minifigures. 

Prominent features here accessories minimum snow speeders with windlass and windshields, snow caves with skeletons and spines that Wafata can feed, episode V: a place to hang Luke on the ceiling, like the Empire Strikeback, Luke’s A feature that allows the release of Lightsaber. This set adds to the battle that took place in commemoration of the number of LEGO Star Wars sets based on Snow Planet Hoth and the 30th anniversary of Episode V.

The Snow Cave, or ” hoth Wampa Cave”, officially called by LEGO, is a small brick room similar to the cave Luke took in the film. Although called “cave”, the structure is closer to the cave entrance than the actual cave itself. On the ceiling under the front door there is a place where you can hang someone. 

The Snow Trooper attacks with a blasting blaster,try now.

To his right is a mechanism that emits a light sword, just like using a force to pull a weapon out of ice. Pressing the plate above the weapon fires a light sword into the center of the chamber. Also in the room is a skeleton, perhaps some creatures and chicken legs that Wampa consumed long ago. As in the The Empire Strikes Back scene, there’s a sort of spine piece that Wampa can chew on.

Who can use this Hoth Wampa set

Two of the minifigures included in this model are exclusive and one can only be used in the other set. Luke Skywalker was previously known as “Hoth” gear or his rebel pilot outfit since 1999, but until this year it was released as a real Hoth gear worn on the planet before manipulating his X. Down from the earth, he features the 2010 Hoth Rebel Trooper helmet and goggles, previously previously only seen in the other 2010 set 8083 Rebel Trooper Battle Pack. 

Wampa is the second LEGO Star Wars creature from the ice planet Hoth in recent years, the other one is Tauntaun. Wampa has the ability to hold a minifigure scale chicken leg in his right hand and the entire minifigure on the other hand. A feature promoted by LEGO is the ability to pick up Luke minifigures included in the set. A rebel pilot, Zev Senesca, was also included, initially available only in the 8083 Rebel Trooper Battle Pack, and the first named minifigures included in the Battle Pack. There is also a skeleton of the LEGO castle theme.

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