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Ambush the Emperor Scout at the hideout of the Wok Tree Canopy! Get ready to lead the Ewok attack in ambush! Watch the Emperor Scout soldier on his emperor speed motorcycle and get ready to attack this style Lego Star Wars Ewok attack! Take a shower with stones and drop the logs! Then hide in the secret space and put the ladder in! Empire Scout, Logray and Ewok warrior minifigures are included as weapons.

Hiding in the treetops in the moon of the Endos forest, Ewoks prepares to ambush a sergeant scout soldier with a sliding motorcycle. Throw stones, drop fallen logs, hide them in secret boxes and put ladders. Various weapons and miniatures of Scout Troopers, Logray and Ewok warriors are included.

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LEGO Ewok Attack is a fun game for both children and adults. This model includes minifigures of the Emperor Scout soldiers equipped with motorcycle speeders, Logray and Ewok warriors. This LEGO product is recommended for children aged 7 to 12 years.

lego star wars ewok attack 7956 is a return set from Star Wars Episode VI: Jedi, released in 2011, which is similar to part of the Endor Battle. The compact set includes three minifigures, a speed bike and a tree with multiple functional traps using basic Ewoks. Some of the traps seem to be used by the Ewoks in the Endo battle order at the return of the Jedi.

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The underside of the tree consists of pieces of 10×6 dark green plates with small pieces of 6×4 and 4×4 brown plates. Some of the trees have hinges that can show a secret compartment indicating where there can be a small minifigure and a fast fire missile. Towards the bottom of the tree, a log formed of unstud stud pieces can enter and exit to duplicate the log used to send scout troopers flying on the slider as it slides in.

 The ladder is attached to the top of the tree so that the Ewoks can see it on the ladder. The upper part has the ability to lay out the trunk of a small piece of Technic, which stretches after pulling the handle part. The last trap in the set has a small catapult that can be pressed down to fire three 1×1 cylinder pieces. The tree itself consists of many brown pieces and two green pieces. Foliage and branches ‘hide’ the fact that the tree looks authentic and somehow ‘hides’ the fact that the tree is equipped with a trap that can destroy the scout.

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You can see now in the 2009 game 8038 The End of Endor, it also includes an Imperial Speeder bike with a design similar to the Speeder bike.

This set includes Ewoks Tokkat and Logray, and this set is exclusive to this set when it’s released. Logray is now included in 10236 Ewok Village, which started in 2013 two years after this set. They specially designed molded head pieces and are available with brown bows and dark brown windows. Also included is a Scout Trooper with Blaster.

Get ready to lead the Ewoks in ambush! See emperor scout soldiers on his emperor speed motorcycle and get ready to attack the Iuk style! Take a shower with stones and drop the logs! Then hide in the secret space and put the ladder in! This set contains Imperial Scouts, Logray and Tokkat minifigures in your weapons.

Slow down your Imperial Speed Bike by shooting stones from storm pilots with Ewok catapults or drop rocks from Ewok hang glider. This set includes Ewoks, Storm Troopers and Biker Scouts.

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It’s all about lego star wars ewok attack 7139

The Lego Star Wars ewok attack 7139 is a set released in 2002 and consists of 119 pieces. The set includes minifigures of Wicket, Paploo, Scout Trooper and Storm Pilot. Wicket was all brown and Paploo was tan and brown, an older version of all minifigures. The storm pilot had marks on older helmets and legs. 

Scout troopers also had yellow hair with black goggles. This set includes the catapult and Wicket’s walk glider on the Speeder Bike! Jungle speeder bikes were also the first version. In 2009, a set of rerun versions were released. The scene was included in a set called The Battle of Endor and included the latest versions of Wicket, Paploo and Scout Troopers. 

This included a new, longer version of the catapult with a green “grass” platform. The set came back with two rocks and a bow and arrow, except that it was brown instead of the previous black. The Ewok glider was made differently, had bigger wings and had no design. 

The difference between the two (one is the more updated version and one that is not) was that the older one had a storm pilot and the newer one was not, the newer one had a spear and the older one was not. In 2011, the Ewok Attack of the same name was released. The name was the same, but the set was much different.

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