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75009 Lego star wars Snowspeeder & Planet Hoth is a set of 4 Star Wars Buildable Galaxy series released in 2013. Includes Snowspeeder, a mini model of Planet Hoth, and a redesigned Snowspeeder Pilot minifigure. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in Episode V. Place your agile Snowspeeders ™ as the giant AT-AT Walker advances from the secret rebel base so the ashtray AT-AT reaches the floor! The set includes a hanging Hoth planet, a Snowspeeder minimodel, a Snowspeeder pilot minifigure and a display stand with the name plaque. Snowspeeder pilot minifigure included. Features Hoth Hangable Planet and Snowspeeder mini models. With display stand with plaque.

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Details of lego star wars Snowspeeder & Planet Hoth

Hang LEGO Star Wars snowspeeder & planet hoth Galaxy from the ceiling as a collectible planet! Planet Hoth diameter measures 8 cm.

Snowspeeder measures over 1 ” (3cm) high, 4 ” (8cm) long and 1 ” (7cm) wide. Collect 2 sets of other series: 75006 Jedi Star Fighter and Camino, 75007 Republic Assault Ship and Chorus Kant, 75008 Thai Bomber and Planetary Asteroid Field, 75010 B-wing Star Fighter & Endor and 75011 Tantive IV & Alderaan.

In the Star Wars saga, all the scenes featuring classic snow speeder vehicles are memorable and are often reproduced by fans. Whether it’s the rescue of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, or the battle of Hoth itself. 

The best way to postpone these scenes is to create a set of various LEGO sets and sets that are included in the series, designed to represent snow speeders.

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The best LEGO star wars snowspeeder and planet hoth snow speeder sets listed below will be compared to accurately compare which awards you have won for the best snow speeder models created throughout.

This set was built in 1999 and is made of orange and light gray pieces that feature a 6 × 16 base plate. It has wings with gray tiles, with an orange radiator and two guns. On the back is a harpoon gun used to attack the AT-AT. 

There is also a cockpit where the minifigure pilot can sit. Pilot and catcher minifigures can also fit inside.

The Rebel Alliance used this ship in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and is the first Rebel Snowspeeder model made by the LEGO brand. Includes Luke Skywalker minifigure and Dak Ralter and Rebel Soldier. This 212 set is known as Star Wars Classic and is best suited for children aged 7-12.

More details of Snowspeeder & Hoth Planet 

It is a classic model and is called Ultimate Collector’s Series set. It was released in 2004 and consists of several colors, mainly white, light gray and light orange.

Overall, 1457 pieces. Created to represent Hoth’s battle in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, it’s more of a display model than a set used to reproduce play and scenes. It is not intended for minifigures and is recommended only for people over 14 years old.

Released in 2004, this classic Star Wars set consists of 214 pieces. This set is a shape with two wings with a laser cannon on it. At the rear end of the ship are hooks and machine guns. 

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Both wings have two flaps at the top, which are made similar to air brakes and move up and down. This set also includes a separate blaster turret. In the center of the turret, a piece of black pipe pops out, representing the barrel of the turret gun.

Minifigures included are Luke Skywalker, Dak Ralter and Hoth Rebel Trooper. Luke and Dak are both wearing classic rebel pilot costumes, but instead are wearing red rebel insignia, orange rain happiness with white markings and a helmet with yellow skin. Dak’s uniform includes a classic orange suit and a helmet with a blue rebellion insignia. 

Hoth Rebel Trooper is holding a black machine gun with a white helmet like the one used in Anakin’s podracer helmet. His other part is white, including the backpack, belt and hands (hands that resemble gloves). Like the cavalry originally found on the 7130 snow speeder, he is wearing the same snowsuit.

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Try hoth snowspeeder

This set is based on the original 1999 model. Best suited for children aged 7 to 12. This episode features the appearance of an empire counterattack in the episode V: Hoth Battle, where the snowspeeder pilot fought the AT-AT. Released in 2010, this 297 classic Star Wars lego set includes a snow speeder with a wind shield. Winch and rotating blaster are also included. Similar to the scene on the film, the winch can be wound or unwound on an AT-AT walker.

This set is similar to Hoth’s eye planet in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. This set includes an eye cave with skeleton and spine. This set includes a point in the cave that will hang Luke on a ceiling similar to what happens in the movie.

This set is especially unique because it celebrates the 30th anniversary of the release of The Empire Strikes Back. Inside the snow speeder, you can equip your seat with 2 minifigures. Minifigures include Luke in “Hoth” uniform with goggles and helmet. There is also Wampa, which allows you to hold a piece of chicken leg in your hand and at the same time hold Luke in your left hand. It’s similar to a movie scene. Rebel pilot Zev Senesca is also available in this set. Made for children from 7 to 12 years old.

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