This lego Droid Escape Pod 75136 will change your kits

LEGO Star Wars Droid Escape Pod 75136

These are only available on the UCS Sandcrawler which is very nice to see here. They have no updates except their weapons which have an extra 1 × 1 translucent blue stud at the end. I appreciate the various prints of the trunk.The only one built on the set was a Pod Escape launched by Tantive IV. This escape bar is based on a slightly tapered end to one side.

lego star wars droid escape A lot has been done with the release of 2012, but no effort here. I think I would prefer that, though maybe in the future LEGO will create a new form that works well.The C-3PO is a new number in this set, as it no longer has a locking bolt. I think it’s a good figure as a whole, but unfortunately, my eyes are off-centre printed, making his eyes look like he is looking to the right. His silver leg looks pretty ugly and I think it should be double-sided to do well.The R2-D2 is also new, but with a very subtle update. It has a pink dot instead of an orange dot. Still a good figure, but I want to get back to printing on astromechs. 

NOTE of Droid Escape Pod

– Featuring hatch openings, large rear cameras and a detailed interior with a 2-character space and a display showing top-secret designs for “The Star”.

– Activate memorable scenes with the opening of Star Wars: Episode IV A new hope.

– Measures 7 cm high, 14 cm long and 2cm wide. (6cm) With closed caps and width over 13cm. When it’s open.

Revisit epic scenes Star Wars: Episode IV A new hope includes the LEGO Droid Escape Pod with openings, the large machine at the back, 2 character spaces and a detailed interior design featuring the top drawing of the Death Star.

Lego star wars droid escape 9490 vs Lego star wars droid escape pod 75136

Lego star wars droid escape 9490 has-3PO and R2-D2 may be the secret plan for the Deaths and should avoid getting caught on the way to the Egyptian planet and Tatuin at their doorstep. Will they go to safety and avoid the emperors on a bicycle? Includes 4 microspheres: C-3PO, R2-D2 and 2 blasts. This is the second set of Lego, featuring a Star Wars IV escape pillar, the first # 7106 since 2001. Introduced in January 2012, set # 9490 is definitely an improved design, conical (and not cylindrical) as in the previous set) with a nice push that describes both ends of the torso. The shell is increased to reveal seating areas for droids and control panels. The stickers adorn the sides of the trunk. There is also a small speed bike included in the set, though the return is nice. The main reason to buy the set is for mini-numbers; includes four: R2-D2, C-3PO, and two Sandtroopers. The C-3PO embraces a new human body that allows one to see their mechanical/electrical viscera in the stomach opening. he also had his eyes printed on his head. The soldiers have sand marks on them, give them a nice look and also have a print on their feet. Dressed in different colours of tights, I think these troops are some of Lego’s best.

Lego star wars droid escape pod 75136

The lego star wars droid escape pod 75136 exterior looks pretty good, though the pod itself is a small one for the price. There are four large stickers on the four large curved panels, which is a little tricky to apply. There are some dark views of the plant, and there is a print viewport dish at the front. This element was used for Jedi Interceptors such as 75038 and 75135. There are four translucent orange engines in the rear. There are also four exhausted. All of these are mounted on clips so you can hinge them inside and two. Two of the curved panels are mounted on the hinges so you can open it to access the interior. Inside, there is space for both C-3PO and R2-D2. The C-3PO gets the front seat with a handlebar, while the R2 sits behind it. It’s a little weird though, as I remember that R2 drove the escape pod (which is why the C-3PO tripped him to get to Tatooine. There was a sticky HUD in front of the C-3PO. It was pulling) ( like a USB or something). reveal a printed tile Death Star 2 plan works fine but it is inherently inaccurate, especially since the in-university Death Star Star is nowhere near, and they come to R2.This makes a great screen display. Death Star plans though, and I think better playability for younger kids who don’t care about accuracy.