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In space or on earth, Lego star wars republic attack shuttle Quest destroys the Droid army. In attack mode, this slow vehicle strikes the enemy using laser fire. He went down the middle of the battle and became a donkey base capable of matching the warrior. The clone’s military forces operate the ship’s attack and weapons base, using this powerful weapon to bring the battle to Droid’s own army! 

Get ready for the double-action battle outside of this world! TP REPUBLIC detailed vehicle contains rotating wings to start the journey. Put your CLONE PILOT figure in the cockpit, then disconnect a configured combat vehicle! If you launch an attack and have to arm yourself in battle, star wars republic attack shuttle return your vehicle to its basic harmony attack mode. 

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Who can use star wars republic shuttle

Electronic lights are flashing as the base makes announcements like the upcoming Droid Warriors! and the all-knowing Fire to serve you and your CLONE PILOT figure. Star wars republic shuttle bring your enemies into your sights and then include your popular missiles! None of your opponents can take a chance against you and this mode dynamic! 

The vehicle can be 5 shells, CLONE PILOT figures, blaster, board sheets, instructions, Galactic Battle Game duel cards, game battle base and the game dies. Lego republic attack shuttle variation was used in the war that had a large underwater bay and a stationary floating mound, which appeared to be more of an Empire Sentinel-type move than the Lambda-class. 

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8019 Republic Attack Shuttle vs Republic Attack Shuttle with update

The 8019 Attack Republic Attack was released on January 2009 as part of the second wave of the Star Wars theme: The Clone Wars. Set minifigures include Mace Windu, a Pilot Clone and a Clone Trooper.

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Lego republic shuttle Specifications,You can use

Two folding wings.

Eight semi-automatic firing missiles. A technical mechanism attaches a switch to missiles, so once you hit the key, the missiles fly.

Bombs coming down from the bottom of the ship.

Weapons are expected.

The canopy can be folded to look inside the ship, featuring a small rack holding Clone Troopers and Laceaber weapons from Mace Windu. There is also a place for Mace Windu.

Most offshore parts are yellow, medium to gray and dark red.

The cabin has space for two Minifigures and the rear has room for one.

Filled with massive firepower, Republic attack ships lost to the Separatist Droid Army and launched automatic fire rockets and launch enemy bombs! When the smoke clears, it folds its wings and returns to landing mode to eliminate Jedi Master Mace Windu ™ and his clone troops to complete the mission. Includes minifigures of Mace Windu, Clone Pilot ™ and Clone Trooper! Features shooting, shooting missiles, and bomb operations! The ship measures 9.5 “(24 cm) long and has 18” (45 cm) wing length! 

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Republic Attack Shuttle of lego star wars republic attack shuttle,try now

The transfer of the Nu class, also known as the transition to the Nu class or the attack on the Republic, was a migration model used by the Navy during the Clone Wars. This led to the carriage of the Lambda T-4a class later used by the Imperial Navy. 

Lego republic shuttle one vehicle fell into the hands of the Ryloth Movement movement and was used in the mission to Ryloth. This tactical transport corps was made for the Republican Army of the Clones. Suitable for the attack, but there are only two very effective twin pistol weapons. Particularly noteworthy is the Class 1 HyperSpace Drive available on almost every type of Separatist Ship The box contains 1x pre-model 1x instruction sheet.

Designed with lower wings, it is similar in design to later ones like Theta, Lambda and Sentinel. Lego republic attack shuttle boarding space is at the front of the boat, unlike other variants, with a cabin that revolves around the hat. The chairs of the pilots sit in the boarding area so they can enter the cockpit. There was also a magnetic catcher that could be used to catch escape tails. 

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