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Lego star wars lowest price

Our list of the best Lego Star Wars sets below includes options at all prices, ranging from under $15 to hundred of USD. We’ll be updating regularly, to include all the top new sets you’ll want to know about – and we’ll be noting whether any get nice Amazon Prime Day deals when that time comes.

Like all Lego sets, a huge part of the fun is in the building. With something like our number one set, the huge Millenium Falcon Ultimate Collectors Series model, putting it together is great project you can take your time over, unwinding for a while every evening while working towards a nice tidy goal. But there are plenty of other sets here that can suck you in without being quite as costly (or with such a large end result).

Those kind of sets are made for adults as much as kids, but obviously there are loads of options that are smaller and easier for kids to put together, and that are focused around actually playing with the Lego, rather than displaying it. But whichever of those you’re planning to do with your sets, On this page are are the all lowest price sets you should buy

lego star wars lowest price