LEGO DUPLO Steam Train 10508 Remote-Control

LEGO DUPLO Steam Train 10508 Remote Control Building Blocks Set Helps Toddlers Learn

The DUPLO LEGO Cargo Train is now easier for your child to control and interact with in many ways. Toddlers love this fun game as it is a DUPLO locomotive driver and a Push & Go engine – a gentle push forward or backwards the train on its way and business will keep track. 

Help them place the 5 action bricks on the road to pronounce the horn, turn the lights off and on, stop and recharge, change direction and stop the train whenever they want. In this DUGOO LEGO series, it includes a basin, a boat, a cafe, a loading station, 2 lots, 3 DUPLO items, an animal shape and many tracks, preschoolers can enjoy classic train missions. Download the optional app on your device and add even more playback features, including remote control and fun activities, to complete with your toddler!  

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Take a passive 16-piece push & go train and action bricks and use the game functionality and remote control app with your own device!
This remote set of electrical components includes 59 pieces of LEGO DUPLO. Easy to manufacture. It encourages learning through fun play and spatial thinking. The best learning toy sold to be the first train of their choice.
Lights, sounds and movement work with this easy to build train line for toddlers. Children’s animal figures, locomotive guides and DUPLO elements to encourage children to play and creativity.
LEGO DUPLO Train encourages boys and girls to develop language, motor skills and cognitive abilities. 
The perfect gift for biodiversity for kids 2-5 years old.
This train wagon train has a height of 10 cm and a width of 30 cm and a width of 7 cm. The train station measures over 15 cm, “(12cm) wide and 2” (6cm) deep.
Series and more thing.
This is a terrible series. In particular, the application allows unpredictable play to control the train. Controls train movement, honours, reacts with action bricks – offers mini-games with other parts of the set. It would be nice if the manual under the electric train were more detailed – it looks like there are features. The motor is a motor and the other has a motion sensor.
Thus, when running the train, it is easier to lift the rear wheels slightly and to press rather than to push. It was a little difficult to place the batteries correctly, but they seem to survive long. The train seems to have plenty of power and can pull some tracks. It would be good to have two green action bricks – then the traces could be linear and not loop.

Includes – what there’s inside?

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Includes DUGOO® LEGO® engines as well as the shape of squirrels. It includes buildable locomotive & Goes with lights and sounds, passenger car, 5 coloured action bricks, train station, seaweed, tree and 16 piece track.
 start with the steam train to push forward or backwards, and stop her by placing her hand firmly on top of the engine.
 Show your child how to put the coloured action bricks into the road so that the train not only guides them to pronounce the horn, turn the lights, refuel, change direction or stop. 
Develop imagination and role-play skills principles, using LEGO® DUPI-O ® elements to create unlimited ways of adding the power features from LEGO® DUP-O® through the free remote activities and fun activities to download young children to complete them. existing inc is LEGO® DUPLO® train your baby.
 Download the optional application on the App Store, Google Play Store or Amazon Kindle Store More info at LEGOcom / device check.LEGO® DURP-O® see the packaging products for type and quant.
 Combine with 10872 Rail and Rail Corridor, 10875 Train Train and 10882 Train for more track and LEGO® DUPI-O® train station. Measurement measures exceed 15 cm, width 4 cm and depth 6 cm.

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