75046 Coruscant Police Gunship

Star Wars Lego 75046 Coruscant Police Gunship

Lego star wars coruscant police gunship 75046 is a Star Wars release in 2014. It’s an exclusive R Us Toy in Australia. The series consists of a single gun, which does not build sides. The ship uses spring ammunition, which is new for 2014.

Open the slide in the lounge, jump in and get ready to deliver the Clone Shock Troopers ™ to the heat of battle. As presented in Season 5 of the Clone Wars animated series, the Coruscant ™ Police Gunship features sliding doors, folding blades / landing gear, rear shield and 2 powerful new springs. Make sure Anakin Skywalker ™ and Ahsoka τούν get Shock Troopers γρήγο fast! star wars police gunship includes 4 multi-weapon mini-weapons: Anakin Skywalker ™, Ahsoka ™ and 2 Shock Trojan.

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Specification of lego star wars police gunship

Includes 4 multi-gun mini-weapons: Anakin Skywalker ™, Ahsoka ™ and 2 Shock Troopers mini

With sliding cockpit with room for 2 minifigures, sliding doors, folding blades / landing gear, rear arms

apartment and 2 powerful shooters

Weapons include 3 lamps and 2 blasters

Slide into the cockpit and get ready for departure

Load troops and take them to battle

Protect yourself with powerful shooters

Open the arms compartment and at the moment

Measures over 5 “(15cm) high, 11” (30cm) and 7 “wide (18cm)

The good:

– Extremely detailed

– Many bells and whistles

Not so good:

– Plastic torpedoes are very sensitive

– It appears smaller than the image in the box

Things need to note for lego star wars police

This set is based on Season 5 of Clone Wars, but the only episodes found in Police Guns are when Ahsoka is a fugitive, despite the fact that he fights with the Shock Troopers in this set.

This set introduced 87606 pieces of dome in transparent red.

Lego star wars police set is also the first set to include the recently redesigned Shock Troopers.

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Minifigures of lego star wars police gunship

Here are the four Minifigures included in the set. We’re getting a refreshed version of the Anakin Skywalker from the Nightspeeder, with new printed and detailed legs that offer a great alternative for fans who don’t buy a speaker. Also included is Ahsoka Tano, the re-release of Minifigure with Umbaran Walker. Interestingly, the S3 / 4/5 version of Ahsoka is only included in the exclusive set! Finally we have two Shocktroopers, in gorgeous red paint, creating a fabulous addition to the Phase II clone armies that have been made so far.

The Star Wars Lego Coruscant Police Gunship is an excellent medium sized household for ages 8-14. The construction is a little more complicated than the smaller lego sets. This makes the meeting more fun for those who want a challenge. Some unique features are all doors that open. First, the cab was closed so as to blow against the hull. 

This is a great feature for those who want their lego sets to be as realistic as possible (many of the older lego sets have gaps where the doors and broths are supposed to be locked there in your ship will obviously run out). This is a minor detail, but for some people it is important. There is also a backstage compartment that will open for Jedi heroes to enter and exit. 

Lego star wars police gunship in addition to the freight gates, there are two secret doors that open at the rear end. One of them opens as a rotating weapon and the other opens as a storage shelf for portable vegetable rifles. Another cool feature is the tropics / police posts. Their seats slide so you can fit (or remove) them without having to tighten your fingers in a small space. There are many flaps that move and can be adjusted to your preference. There is also a pair of balloons mounted with cannons in the bow of the ship.

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Lego coruscant Police cannon:

And here we see the basic form of Transport for Courscants disturbed and degraded by the Police, the Police Weapon. Consisting of blue, gray and red, the Gunship is a beautiful classroom of traditional police colors while still being awesome. The site is very precise from the original material and is interestingly made using Rotor Helicopters in one component. Here’s a front, back and side view of this animal model:


Above all, it’s an elegantly designed and well-structured set by the creator of Lego, worthy of the exclusive label. The model in the Show has strong angles and extremely difficult features, so Lego has done a great job of reproducing it in great detail. However,lego coruscant the lack of adequate remuneration for troops, problems with storage and the lack of any truly small dimensions can be seen as an issue.

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What I want: Lego star wars coruscant police gunship

– Design

– Correct the attendants

– Characteristics

– Precision

What I don’t like –

– malfunction of features

– Small boat

– 4 Minifigs

If the Pricelist still had £ 10, but included a Phase II Fox or Wollfe, I think this set would offer more than one of the last stolen wars sets that TLG would do. This is a great model, and I highly recommend buying it, but it’s not worth the tweaks to make it look amazing.

The only downsides to this Lego set are the spring torpedoes. Pull them away (don’t show them to anyone) and add a nice touch. After loading them into launchers, all you have to do is apply vertical pressure to the torpedo bar and shoot. It’s easy to use, but when you hold the ship and play with it (it runs around the house pretending to fly), one of the torpedoes can easily be wrapped and pulled at random. The other negative comment that is not a big problem is the fact that it looks smaller than the image after you create it.

All in all, this is a great Lego set for anyone who enjoys Star Wars or anything else that has to do with the outdoors. The ship has many bells and whistles that will help you imagine your imagination.

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