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LEGO Star Wars Set 7171 Mos Espa Podrace

Details of Mos espa pod race

Mos Espa was a space village located in the desert world of Tatooine. The colony that was controlled by the Hutt Clan included a number of commercial areas and workspaces, as well as entertainment facilities such as the Great Mos Espa Arena. During the Invasion of Naboo, Mos Espa also housed a number of slaves, including Anakin Skywalker and his mother, Shmi.

One of the few port cities in the suburbs of Tatooine, Mos Espa was full of houses, jobs, and a variety of commercial and entertainment activities, including some large ones. The Mos Arena Grand Arena, where the Boonta Eve Classic is held, has attracted almost as many audiences as the entire population of the city. Because the huts controlled Mos Espa and found the institution of slavery very useful, slaves were often trafficked in the city. Toydarian Watto, who owned a spares shop in the city, was one of those slave traders.

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Mos Espa History

Ten years before the beginning of the Clone War between the Galactic Republic and the Confederation of Independent Systems, Mos Espa was visited by Queen Amidala of Naboo, Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, Gungan Jar Jar Binks and the Astromech Droid R2 – D2, because their ship was in urgent need of hyperdrive repairs. 

The party stopped at the Watto store where they met young slave Anakin Skywalker. Unable to acquire the pieces they needed, the group headed out, but due to a sandstorm, Skywalker took them home. There they met Anakin’s mother, Shmi Skywalker. After a secret blood test, Jinn realized that Anakin’s midi-chlorian account was the highest of all the Jedi and therefore began to believe that Anakin was the chosen one, the one who had been prophesied to destroy the Sith and restore the balance in the Force .

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It’s all about lego star wars 7171

Lego Star Wars 7171 Mos Espa Podrace was released in 1999 as part of the LEGO Star Wars Episode I: Phantom Menace series. Podracers, Three Pit Droids, Anakin Skywalker (Episode I), Gasgano, Jar Jar Binks, Padme Naberrie, Qui-Gon Jinn, R2-D2 and Sebulba Minifigures.

To increase the structural stability of the Podracer models, lego star wars mos espa podrace model incorporates sand-coloured brick arrows that connect the fires to the transparent parts of the energy switches. These booms are not part of the true Podracer vehicles of the Star Wars universe; They are a feature of a toy that is set to hold the pods together. Lego star wars pod race set the colour of the sand was chosen because it would blend in the desert of Boonta Eve Classic.

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Specification of lego star wars pod race set

  • Build 3 boats and start space exploration
  • Contains over 5 characters to help you fly your creations!
  • A great addition to any Star Wars lineup
  • Provides classic construction fun while creating an imaginative game for endless fun
  • This series is the second of three LEGO Star Wars Podracerseries released between 1999 and 2001 (the first series was Anakin’s Podracer in 1999 and the third and final series at Watto’s Junkyard in 2001).
  • In 1999, Star Wars: Episode I: Phantom Menace was released to the public and became so popular. The series was released in conjunction with other Episode I series, LEGO and Nesquik joined forces to create cross-promotions with LEGO products, as well as Nesquik products in the form of a lottery / lottery, if people were to buy any Nesquik product in stres, To the LEGO series from The Phantom Menace as a gift.

The offer we made with LEGO and Nesquik was “Let your chance be with you” or “May my luck be with you” (depending on where you find it on the Web), Nesquik products having organized this promotion were: Nesquik Boats, all sizes, boxes from 2 kg to 3 kg and even chocolate bars. The Mos Espa Podrace series was mainly advertised with boxes as part of the campaign, while chocolate bars and boats did not feature the series on the photo, but only the LEGO and Star Wars logos, which were still linked to promotion.Try lego star wars mos espa podrace.

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Lego mos espa podrace details

The “let chance with you” campaign may have spread around the world because little is known about it, but the promotion was a success in Mexico and Spain in 1999 because every Nesquik product promoting LEGO Star Wars Episode I has been sold. over there.

Advertising for the Spanish LEGO /Nesquik Star Wars campaign is on YouTube and shows only the Lego Mos Espa Podrace series, but it is still linked to the 1999 transition campaign.

The figures are:

Qui-Gon Jinn (old look, cloak)


Jar Jar Binks


Anakin Skywalker (old look, boy)


Aldar Beedo

Pit droids (x3)

This series includes:

Pod competitors of Anakin, Sebulba and Aldar Beedo

Advantages: Rare Padme and Pit Droid characters, a great selection of characters.

Disadvantages: None

All in all: a series with many collectibles.

Side note: The characters of Sebulba and Aldar Beedo are actually one song.

This mos espa pod race series (as many in its day) had some alternative designs in the manual. They were Jar Jar Binks and Padme Speed Players, a giant hovercraft, a small speed wheel, many small ships, a grandstand, two downhill boats and a robot. giant.

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