Own your Naboo Starfighter 75092 Building Kit

LEGO Star Wars Naboo Starfighter 75092 Building Kit

Lego star wars Naboo starfighter series has an opening cab, spring shooter, ejection function, access stairs, refuelling station, pedestal, etc. Explode the droids with the elegant Naboo Starfighter! Create an interesting Naboo hangar scene in Star Wars Episode I, in which the young Anakin Skywalker helps his Jedi protector, Obi-Wan Kenobi, fight the attacking Union forces. 

Open the Naboo Starfighter cabin, climb the stairs and load the Anakin and R2-D2. Then shoot two spring shooters to send the destructive droids and fight them for flying! The LEGO Star Wars features many authentic details and an R2-D2 ejector function, which also includes a gas station and swivel base. 

Features include a Naboo Starfighter with Rotary Bracket, Access Ladder, Gas Station and 2 Destroyer Droids. The Naboo Starfighter features an opening cockpit, spring-loaded ammunition and an R2-D2 elimination feature. The weapons include Obi-Wan’s lightsaber, an airgun and 2 sets of the blast. Also includes handcuffs. 

Jump in Naboo Starfighter and blow up the droids! Start the delete function of R2-D2. Contains 3 minifigures with weapon and accessory: Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Naboo Pilot, as well as R2-D2, 2 battle droids and commander of combat droids with some weapons.

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Who would like to edit this lego Naboo starfighter series?

That’s a good question. Who, exactly, would have fun to ride this series? Honestly, we think that all Star Wars fans who appreciate Star Wars and Legos will have fun with this series. The Lego 75092 series would be an excellent series for young and middle-aged fans, but the fun does not know the age limit. This series gives you a total of 2 battle droids and 3 droids to come out against Obi-Wan as he fights to protect Anikin.

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Box and Contents of anakin naboo starfighter

We start by talking about the box. From the front of the box, we learn that the recommended age for this Star Wars-Leo series is 8-14. However, this does not mean that one over 14 can enjoy this series – we know many adults who enjoy the Lego 75092 series, and we are one of them. 

At the front of the box, you will see a picture of the real Naboo Starfighter after it has been assembled. Below Naboo Starfighter, we are taking a first look at a series of Miniatures. We also learn from the front of the box that there is a total of 442 of lego naboo fighter. To see it with your own eyes, here’s a picture of the front of the box:

If you find this Star Wars Lego Series at the price of $ 49.99 we paid, the price really works. It costs about $ 0.11 each, which is a good thing. For a licensed series like this, it seems a little weak but makes no mistake. This series is inexpensive and we recommend it if you are a Star Wars fan like us. 

There are a total of 7 minifigures, if you count Droidekas it would be 9, but Lego did not count it as a coin. In this series,naboo n1 starfighter lego based on what we can say, realise lego Naboo starfighter 1999, only the Naboo driver is unique. When you look at prices and compare images on a small scale, you get a significant number of price levels.

There are a total of 438 songs in this series – these 438 songs will make you feel like a starfighter. A fuel pipe, a box of pistols, a cart, two battle droids and a ladder everything is there, inside the box. Inside the box, you will find all the popular Kenobis Obi-wan and he will come to you with a new face. There is also an Anakin Skywalker the size of a pint and, yes, R2D2. Of course, you also have a Naboo driver with this series.

Each series has a piece of presentation – you know, this piece really stands out from the crowd and stays in your mind the whole time you take it.

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What is the presentation of this series?

We think the focus of this series would be the fighter himself. If you look at it, you will understand why we chose this product. This piece certainly won’t disappoint. Yes, the finished Naboo Starfighter is a bit smaller than some of the latest Lego X-Wings,anakin naboo starfighter such as the Lego 75149. When installed in the series, it looks stronger and livelier in life with earlier smaller ships. 

Of course, there is a reason for that. There is a lot of art in the shop. The X-Wings and B-Wing open and close S-foils are pretty cool, but in other kits, they sometimes look a bit floppy. The new lego naboo starfighter 7141 has the feeling of a solid toy that we could really take away and play without having to worry about it collapsing, unlike some others on the market today.

Note for lego naboo fighter

Note that it is a solid structure and does not mean that it lacks functionality, which is a good thing. In addition to some more obvious features, such as opening and closing the awning, lego star wars ucs naboo starfighter are other smart outdoor sensors that offer interesting features.

Take the example at the bottom of the ship. It has a small trigger that you can press. When you press the button, the miniature design of R2-D is pushed out of its position behind the cab. At the top, we noticed that the fighter had a double trigger: You can turn it from left to right to launch two integrated missile triggers. All in all, this is the most important setup for most other LEGO Star Wars fighters because they rely mainly on the pressure to shoot their missiles.

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