Lego Phantom Menace Anakin’s Podracer

LEGO Star Wars The Phantom Menace Anakin’s Podracer

Celebrate 20 years with LEGO Star Wars Children’s Series on Anakin’s 75,258 Podracer. This reinterpretation of the original 7131 released in 1999 includes large engines, retractable shutters, placement of small Anakin graphics cards, and a game handle that allows children to endlessly play Star Wars: The Phantom in the Living Room! This LEGO Star Wars Gift Idea also features a Padmé Amidala mini screen, a bonus Luke Skywalker screen and the company’s 20th-anniversary logo screen to celebrate this milestone in the LEGO Star Wars saga. .

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Lego star wars anakin podracer note

Anakin’s pod rival features large motors, extendable flaps, an open cab Minifigure and a handy play-perfect for Star Wars racing tattoo steam or in your living room.

This building playground features 3 LEGO Star Wars minifigures: young Anakin Skywalker, Amidala Melora and 20-year-old Luke Skywalker

Anakin Football Player at 3 “(10cm), 13” (35cm) and 4 “(12cm) Height

279 Pieces – Star Wars Building Toy for Boys and Girls Over 8 Years of All Fans and Big Children; This LEGO Star Wars series competes – 20th Anniversary Pain 75258 or lego star wars 75258 – Whether to build several new original LEGO building blocks into endless creative gameplay 

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Lego Producer 2019 UPDATE

  • Lego producer 2019 includes 3 LEGO® Star Wars ™ miniatures: Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala and Bonus Year, Luke Skywalker with X-wing pilot with the removable display.
  • LEGO® Star Wars ™ toys feature large motors, expandable flaps, an open, compact cab and a handy play handle.
  • The weapons include the blue Luke Skywalker projector and an explosion at Padme.
  • Lego podraceralso includes a Luke key attachment.
  • The Padme wig element is new in April 2019.
  • This classic construction toy has been reinterpreted in the 1999 Anakin Podracer7131 series and is a great LEGO® Star Wars ™ gift for builders of all ages.
  • The Pilot Luke Skywalker figure is a faithful representation of the original 1999 minigigand features the 20th-anniversary logo.
  • Connect the LEGO® Star Wars ™ 20th Anniversary Figure Screen to the perfect centrepiece.
  • Play interesting Star Wars races: The Phantom Menace and other Star Wars scenes.
  • The LEGO® Star Wars ™ is over 10 cm long, 35 cm long and 12 cm wide. 

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Lego phantom menace with best details

Built by Anakin Skywalker, the Blue and Silver Podracer was a custom pair of 620C racing engines manufactured by Radon-Ulitzer Repulsorlift. The competitor Skywalker followed the basic design of the basket, with a total cockpit length of 3.15 meters. The engines were 7 meters long and were smaller and thinner than other podcrafts. Both high-power motors are combined with an energy binder and are designed to carry a Steelton control cable at the back of the pod. Lego star wars pod racer is best. The engine used by Skywalker was a waste that Watto had disposed of, but it developed a new type of fuel injection device and system that efficiently feeds fuel into the fuel chamber. In doing so, the thrust has been greatly improved. The maximum speed of this competitor reached 947 kilometres and was able to climb 105 meters with the Repulsor elevator.

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Lego star wars phantom you have to know


This is a better version of the producer than the previous ones, it’s Sturdy just beats all other versions. Kids can really play with it and it doesn’t break down right away. Lego star wars phantom definitely not a bad part of the screen. SO-SO: At a price level, this series is not terribly per piece At $ 0.10 it’s actually the best value on the anniversary line. It said it wasn’t a trade either. 


 Whoever chose the series for the anniversary series to re-chose poorly. Pod rivals are one of the lowest points in the entire saga. Can’t believe they’ve ever sold well. Using a spot in the release schedule for the least favorite vehicles in the series was bad marketing. Essentially though this series is almost the same size and weight as the original series, it is being renewed and serves as a reminder that the $ 15 series is now a $ 30 series. Resellers are not impressed with this fact got it for $ 20 new and not for sale and it is priced as such at Target.

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