lego Rebel Snowspeeder 4500 - let the show begin

LEGO star wars Rebel Snowspeeder 4500

Recreate the Lego star wars rebel snowspeeder trilogy as the legendary Luke Skywalker with this Lego Rebel Snow Speeder. It goes beyond the ice terrain of Hots to haunt and entangle the annoying massive imperial AT-AT. The set comes with a rebel soldier with Luke Skywalker, Dack Ralter and a laser cannon. Contains 214 pieces. 7 years old or older.

Collect the true Star Wars Classic T-47 Snow Speeder. This LEGO® interpretation of the iconic air speeder, which fans can remember in Star Wars: Episode V, features all the details, including opening the air brake, rotating the rear rear gun, and opening cockpit with space for the included rebel snow speeder. 

There is a matter. Pilot and Rebel Snowspeeder Gunner Minifigure. The model also comes with a display stand and fact plaque, so you can be proud of all the LEGO Star Wars collections.

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Details of lego star wars rebel snowspeeder 

When stationed in Hoth, the Rebel Alliance changed the T-47 speedometer into a fast-flying transport for snow speeders, patrols and hidden base defenses. 

A little effort was needed to prevent the fridge from permanently grounding the air force, but the rebel originality overcame the grim Hoth factor. 

The T-47 Air Speeder is a small, wedge shaped technology with two front laser cannons. The rear arc has a harpoon gun with a sturdy towing cable. The snowspeeder is a two-person ship with a pilot and a tailgun facing backwards.

The T-47 hopper is also a model of low-altitude vehicles manufactured by Incom Corporation. 

When an alliance to restore the Republic was stationed on the frozen Hoth planet, the T-47 Air Force’s superiority was modified to be a ground attack, a low altitude fighter called a snow plow. 

Hoth’s extreme cold temperatures were too harsh in this technology. The generator is locked up because it is hot, so a large radiator fin bank is required for the necessary cooling.

 Rebel technicians modified the T-47 air speeder by insulating each radiator fin with a side panel to reduce heat exchange to better fit the new environment. 

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More details for lego snowspeeder 4500:

A small, wedge-shaped vehicle, the Alliance Lego snowspeeder 4500  was a two-person craft and the pilot was a rear tail gun with a speed of 1,100 kph. 

Two heavy, forward-looking laser cannons and harpoon cannons were placed ahead of the tail. During the Battle of Hoth, these snow speeders used towing cables to launch the towing cable, chased around the walker’s legs to stop the movement and freeze the walker to easily deactivate all terrain armored vehicles. 

Not long after the beginning of the Galactic Civil War, the faction rebelled against Jeddah, gaining access to the T-47.

Incom Corporation’s T-47 is a standby vehicle designed for industrial cargo handling. The cockpit has locations for forward facing pilots and rearward facing freight managers. 

The cargo manager controlled the repulsive cargo module using the magnetic harpoon and towing cables of the pneumatic unit. Mechanical braking flaps with high power thrust nozzles allow precise operation. 

The military version of the Air Speeder was demonstrated by one individual and a gunfighter appeared.

The T-47 has been modified by patrol and combat technology by Rebel Alliance technicians, especially after it has been extensively used in Echo Base by Hoth and is widely known as a snow speeder.

The Rebel Alliance used T-47 airspeed aircraft for reconnaissance on Dantooine and other planets. When the rebels moved to Hoth, the air tachometer had to be modified to work for a long time in a very cold climate. 

One of the engineers involved in the fix was Deen Voorson. Added a heater near the drive and an ice making nozzle to prevent freezing on the control surface.

 Rebel technicians also cleaned Y-wing parts, including armor plates, control surfaces, and a modified cockpit module for snow speeders.

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 Best of lego rebel snowspeeder

The rebels armed their spaceships with AP / 11 dual laser cannons and converted the cargo manager into a shooter. The gunner used a computerized target system and display to control the laser and the harpoon gun.

 But if necessary, the pilot can control the weapon. Armor plating was added to the hull because the speeder had no shields. In order to compensate for the additional weight of armor and weapons, advanced power plants and repulsion engines were installed. 

The small size, maneuverability and speed allowed the ship to dodge the weapons. In addition to cold conditions, the T-47 has been modified by Alliance forces for use in multiple climates. 

Swamp and shorthand versions included flotation devices and waterproof seals. Sandspeeder is equipped with advanced filters that block sand, engine cooler and long range radar for sandstorm navigation. 

The skyspeeder had a pressurized cockpit and more powerful repulsion for higher altitudes and was used to patrol the rebel base on Arbra. Aqua Speeder was an aqueous variant. 

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