Grab your 75013 Umbaran MHC

Lego Star Wars 75013 Umbaran MHC

Lego star wars umbaran mhc (Mobile Heavy Cannon) 75013 is a Star Wars set released in 2013. It includes one Umbaran MHC and four microspheres: Ahsoka Tano, 212 Clone Trooper, and two Umbaran Soldiers. It is aimed exclusively in the US.

Note for lego star wars umbaran mhc

The 75004 Z-95 Headhunter can be found on the six pages of MHC’s products.

The body of the 212 clones has the wrong colour scheme, the colour must be orange, not yellow.

Ahsoka Tano will never appear in Umbara. The only Jedi in Umbara during the Battle of Umbara were Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and later Pong Krell.

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It’s all about Lego’s Background

The Umbaran Mobile Heavy Cannon is a state-of-the-art tank developed by Umbaran Militia. It was crushed by the beam, and normal vegetation fire and even rocket launchers could do nothing else, but the torpedo could destroy it. It has a plasma electromagnetic cannon designed to destroy the entire squad of enemy troops. It also had twin laser cannons that could be used to defeat smaller quantities of troops.

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Specification of umbaran mhc

Lego umbaran mhc includes 4 minifigures with multiple weapons: Ahsoka Tano, 212nd Clone Trooper and 2 Umbarans

It features rotation and lifts cannons, front and rear cab openings, lifts legs and rocket launchers.

Includes 5 weapons: 2 light bulbs, 2 blasters and one blaster gun

Shoot the rocket launcher!

You beat the Umbarans!

Lift and bend the cannon!

The MHC ™ Umbaran has a height of 8 “(22 cm), a length of 8 cm (22 cm) and a width of 22 cm

Return to the box.

On the right-hand side, all the different actions you can do in the stroller are displayed. On the upper left we see a small battle and below we see a side, upper and front view of the walker.

Content box.

You have three plastic bags, a self-adhesive sheet and a construction manual. The third bag does not contain a lot of bricks for a large one.

Sticker sheet.

Nine stickers in total. Separate colours and symbols are, like most sets, stickers, so there is nothing special here.

Look forward to no helmet and hairdresser

Trooper’s face is a little weird, his facial expression lines are very yellow and his cheek lines are long. Ashoka looks beautiful, she has a sweet smile and an extremely pinched eyebrow (as in animation).

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Look back to lego star wars umbaran

Both have simple but decent printing back.

Back without helmet and hairdresser.

Ashoka has a double print head, an angry expression like most duplicates.

The army, like most other clones, has only one face.


They are identical (as expected). Both have good trunk prints but no footprints.

The helmets look ok, nothing really special, they don’t look like their respective cartoons.

You see the front without their helmets.

Beautiful (the wars of the clones) purple print head, though necessarily.

Look back without their helmets.

They do not have duplicate print heads.

Close (front and rear) the Phase 2 clone helmets.

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The new helmets are beautiful! lego star wars umbaranc it’s quite detailed, but it can be better because the older version is more detailed.

Game: 9/10 – This is a fun set, you have an army on both sides and a walker so you can fight one another and the walker has a great rule that is great.

Design: 8/10 – The design is really done, the stroller looks almost like his cartoon, spinning the curve: thumbup wub:. The only negative suggestion that can be made is the size of the walker. will be larger, you can compare its size with the Separatist Cannon Proton we got in the 7869 Battle for Geonosis.

Price: 7/10 – find out a bit about what it is, for the price you get a slightly larger tank: sceptics:.

Minifigures: 8/10 – Mini-games are great. There are some improvements that can be made, but they look good. The only negative thing about the face of the clone army (could be the wrong role).

Items: 9/10 – get some really good parts, lots of dark blue, dark red and bley pieces.

Overall: 41/50 – This is an attractive set, don’t expect to have a great stroller

Take on Ahsoka Tano and the 212 Clone Trooper in a battle against the huge Umbaran MHC  in the dark and abandoned world of Umbara. As presented in Star Wars. The Clone Wars σειρά TV series, this ultra-tough gun features a rotating and raised cannon, the opening of front and rear cockpits, standing legs and a rocket launcher. Help the heroes overthrow this heavy metal monster to create a victory for Democracy! Includes 4 minifigures with multiple weapons: Ahsoka Tano, 212th Clone Trooper and 2 Umbarans.

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