The Empire Strikes Back Betrayal at Cloud City 75222

LEGO Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Betrayal

A memorable moment lives from Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back or add your own fun twist to the story of this LEGO Star Wars 75222 game in the Cloud City series. The highly detailed building toys are divided into four sections, each representing a scene from a classic movie. 

It features a landing plate equipped with Fett’s Bugis Star Warship’s Servant I, detailed walkway, 5-character dining room, fuel-filled room, and a sensor balcony for Luke vs. Epic’s epic. Vader Lightsaber. -_m for Twin-Pod Cloud and more. 

Add an incredible 18 minions of LEGO Star Wars characters and two LEGO droid characters to the mix. You have a set of creative toys that Star Wars and LEGO fans are proud to add to their collection of toys.

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Specification of Empire Strikes Back Betrayal

Contains 18 mini-figures: Han Solo, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker in Bespin, Chewbacca, C-3PO, Lando Calrissian, Lobot, 2 City Cloud Shields, 2 Pilot Car Clouds, Leia and Han in Hoth, Darth Vader, 2 Stormtroopers and the Ignorant, plus R2- D2 and an IG-88 droid

Part 1 has a landing gear for sliding entrances and small cab openings, movable blades, and bottom below with Boba Fett slave I to keep Han in the carbonate element

Part 2 has a dining area with a table, seating for 5 Minifigures and a decorated Cloud City micro building; living room with transparent sculpture and 2 chairs; waste treatment room with fuel, conveyor belt and Class IG droid deactivated; and a walk with wood statues, relief paintings and entrances that lead to other parts of the model

Part 3 includes a sensor balcony with a fence and tilt functions, as well as service cabinets with open windows for epic Lightsaber duels, and a carbon freeze mode with a ‘freeze’ function lever.

Part 4 has a dark red hallway that leads to an interrogation room with chairs, prison cells, hangars with secret trash shelves, weapons and shelves, and space for a Twin-Pod Cloud Car with open Minifigure cabs and 2 female shooters.

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New – October-2018 – Minifigure details include Leia red dresses, Han Corellian blood colours, Dagobah Luke dark suits, Ugnaught headgear and cloud train pilots

Weapons include Han Blaster Guns, Chewbacca Bowbaster, Light Bulbs, Vader’s Lightsaber, Boba Fett Rifle Blaster, IG-88 Rifle Blaster, 5 Blaster Pistols and 4 Blaster

Accessories include wraps, handcuffs and Lobot cybernetic tapes

Air battle between Boba Fett’s Servant I and Twin-Pod Cloud Car

Pull the freezer to pretend to freeze Han in carbonite!

Live unforgettable scenes from the classic Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back movie

This amazing series is part of the LEGO Star Wars Master Builder series

Cloud City measures over 6 inches (16 cm), 22 inches (58 cm) wide, and 22 inches deep

My servant measures 4 “(11cm) tall, 7” (19cm) tall and 7 “(18cm) wide

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Lego star wars empire strikes back that you really need to know

The Lego Builder of Cloud City 75222 Terrorists is a great series for Star Wars and Lego fans, though it’s not easy to showcase some of the great scenes from lego star wars the empire strikes out. It has 20 characters from the Star Wars 19 universe, which is a true miniature pattern (Leias, Hans, Lando, Cherie, Threepio, R2, Vader, Boba Fett, Lobot, Stormtroopers, Cloud CarPilots, Uganaut, led by the guard.) A new series for 2019 and celebrating Star Wars in a fun way with over 2,800 songs: air crafts, rooms, Star Wars Top characters, Carbon Freezer, Luke vs Darth Vader and a total of 19 miniatures – it’s time for a lot of senses and the Star Wars – for fans who want to fulfill some of the franchise’s biggest memories.

The construction took a few days (and especially since we stopped on our way to discuss some scenes and memories) and the end result was beautiful. 
The attention to detail that LEGO brings to the series is excellent, and every time friends come, the conversation begins immediately (even for those who only see the movie but aren’t big fans). This sequence contains an effective manual one volume, which is only about one-half inch thick.

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Instructions of lego star wars the empire strikes out

The first 25 pages of this manual are pictures and illustrations as well as information about models, designers and the design team in English, French and Spanish.

 The instructions themselves, in standard LEGO style, are all pictures and symbols. The last five pages of this handbook are a list of all the songs in the series – that’s a lot! The manual contains about 400 pages. According to him, there were 26 LEGO bags divided into 13 numbered groups. 

Some bags are small bags that usually contain smaller items. As you build it, The pieces are not randomly distributed among the bags – instead, all specific pieces can be in one or two bags, so if you throw the bag out and store the pieces separately once you have found your pile inside, you can find the rest of them in the same pile or apart. This is especially useful for size sets.


A small Landing platform, a jail and interrogation room, a Vader dining room, a carbon freezing room and a gantry where he told his descendant Luke were part of the build. The build is interesting and binds all the scenes together well, though not the best set that requires a large shelf, it builds great nostalgia with some clever techniques and great games for Younger Star Wars fans.

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