LEGO Star Wars Senate Commando Troopers

LEGO Star Wars Senate Commando Troopers

Ensure Senate security with the LEGO Star Wars Commando Troopers Battle Pack! Like the TV series Danger War, this crack group of well-trained soldiers is armed with toothpick weapons. 

Shoot the guns and place the soldier on the rotating stand and unleash the heavy nail with the fastest shooter he has ever seen! This amazing battle pack contains 4 minifigures with weapons: one Senate Commanding Commander and 3 Senate Commanders.

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Specification of senate commando troopers

Contains 4 minifigures with guns: one Senate Commander and 3 Senate commands
Includes unexplored fast shooter with swivel stand and seat for Minifigure
Weapons include 4 bullets
Replacement ammunition is also included
Turn the tool to release the claw path!
Light weapons
Like the TV series Danger for Clones
Expand your LEGO® Star Wars lineup with this great battle pack
Sniper’s bottom dimensions are over 3 inches (9 cm), width 3 inches (9 cm) and deep 3 inches (8 cm)
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More Specification of lego senate commando battle pack:

The unique blue skin of these clones makes the whole thing worth every cent.
 One of the three clones has white markings indicating that he is the leader of the group.
 Two minifigures take a regular shooter with one hand, while two other extended shooters. It seems to be a grenade launcher or a weapon. The shooter set has a 360 ° rotation and can also be turned up and down.
 Nails can be shot from the right distance. The tower is extremely stable and has an armour behind a shooter-controlled clone.
While their limited appearances usually followed their deaths, Senate commandos are great for both cartoons and minifigures. In this series, can change three things:
1. Helmets safer (many people seem to have this problem)
2. Make some scarab shoulder pads to complete their gorgeous appearance
3. Use real explosions, don’t kill explosives
The series also contains fine black pieces in traditional colours of democracy and the cannon was well designed. Huge thumb for LEGO here!
 In BBY 800, he trained his first padawan apprentice, and more will follow. Details about lego star wars ewok attack check it
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The unique blue skin of these clones makes the whole worth every penny.
 One of the three clones has white markings indicating that he is the leader of the group. Two minifigures get a normal shooter with one hand, while the other two get an extended shooter pin.
 It seems to be a grenade launcher or a weapon. 
The shooter included in the series has a 360 ° rotation and can also aim up and down.
 Nails can be shot from the right distance.
 The turret is very stable and there is a gun behind the shooter-controlled clone. Minifigure for blue skin.
 The essence of this series is the new Rapid store, which can put the nails up to a few feet in the air in 1-2 seconds.
 It is almost immediately clear that this is wonderful! 
The Quick Sniper mode is similar to the Humorous Blasters application but allows for much higher fire rates.
 You can place 6 nails in the notification pistol and turn one wheel back to turn the nails. As the rifle is mounted on a height-adjustable swivel platform, the foam can work anywhere. It can release high-intensity and high-speed fires when the pistol is lowered and can carry a long-range gun around the room when the gun is carried.

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 Let’s Own this today:

The minifigures are the commander of the Senate commander and three commanders of the Senate. 
Needless to say, the minifigs are.
 fanatical! Nice printing on their trunks and feet. (He wanted prints on the body and on the feet … so it looks much better).
 The helmet is gorgeous! Great design, great details.
 The commander of the Senate hierarchy is much nicer than the commander of the police because of the extra white print on the helmet, body and legs.
There are only two minor complaints with a gun. 
The six-pin shooter, although a rotating base, is not very flexible. He can go forward and backwards, but he does not go side by side.
 Another complaint is that blue maroon bricks should be replaced with blue in the guns, then be well adapted to the colour of the Seanad orders! In the Genesis Toppers Battle Package, orange bricks are burned by the walker that matches the brown colour of Genesis troops. In the Shadow Troopers battle pack, the black colour of the sheet matches the colour of the umbrella. 
Soldiers carry an explosive bar as a weapon. These fans were introduced last year (2014) and have a very creative and engaging design and a very simple mechanism. Commando Commander Senate has a slight change on this explosion (general bricks are placed at the back of the blast) and it’s amazing and special! Like SMG blast! Now they come to the gun.
 The main feature of this event is the six pins. As I said before, LEGO did a great job last year by creating an explosive bar. 
This year, this has been done by MILES AHEAD by six pins to create pins! It’s magic! Is very innovative looking good.
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