LEGO Star Wars AT-DP Toy is the real deal

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Wander the streets of the Capital with the double-legged lego star wars at dp military stroller! The rebels reported the area, so they jump into the cockpit, close the trap, load the twin springs, and prepare to take care of Agent Kallus and Stormtrooper as they look for the rebels. Includes 4 minifigures with multiple weapons: Agent Kallus, Stormtrooper and 2 AT-DP Pilots.

The series includes 500 pieces and costs £ 49.99 or $ 49.99, so it represents a reasonable value in this regard, especially since one of the pieces is brand new.

Lego star wars rebels at dp model is quite big and features a lot, so I’m sure it will be a popular set among the new Star Wars Rebels fans, especially since this car appears so often.

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Box and Contents of lego star wars at dp-own now

The box is an unusual shape to accommodate the shape of the model shown on the front. Orange is definitely the dominant colour in this year’s Star Wars packaging and the artwork is definitely packaged, so this really stands out on the shelf. 

At the back, lego at dp walker is an AT-DP image from the top surrounded by photos showing the game’s features. The reproduced images of the thumbnails and the set in action again appear incredible.

Equally interesting are, in my opinion, the two AT-DP pilots. This title is not exactly accurate, because these troops also saw the 614-AvA Speeder Bike and Imperial Troop Transports driving the television show. 

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Their taillights look so good in my opinion, even though they were unusual in shape, using typical Pilot AT-ST helmets in white and a printed head instead of a new piece. Both components are extremely detailed and fit well with the equally impressive design of gray and white. The legs are also extremely white and both pilots are armed with blaster pistols.

It is a wonderful figure and is pleasantly common, but another is always a welcome complement to an army. 

The clasp is detailed in the holes and the sleek mouth design is typical of the Imperial weapon from the Star Wars Rebels, though the sauce is the same as it was in 2001, which I find almost perfect. 

The trunk is printed back and forth using the simplified design on the display and its legs are analyzed with more compass. The design cuts to my knees a bit too much for my desire, but it’s easy to spot, so I have no problem with it.

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The verdict of lego star wars rebels at dp-try it

Minifigs- 5 / 5- We have a total of four figs. I like the two AT-DP pilots and the Kallus agent is a great minifig masterpiece. I can complain about another military storm

Parts-3/5 Except for the dome pieces I mentioned earlier, there really aren’t any new parts here. If you build space, star wars or machinery, this will be a welcome addition as well.

Build 4 / 5- Experience This is really a fun build. He was quickly identified, but he was provocative enough for his age group.

Play 5 / 5- This thing is stronger than it seems. The legs take a little effort because of the double locking hinges but hold together well. This is a very small complaint.

Cost of 4/5 – usually $ 49.99 for 500 pieces – I have to admit that I paid a little more than MSRP for shipping but couldn’t complain about the cost.

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Lego star wars atdp -don’t miss

Overall: 21 / 25- I think this is one of the best walkers designed by Lego. The only changes I would make would be to add lego star wars atdp real dashboards to the dashboard and lego at dp would be nice if the lego made a real widow match these types of constructions instead of a transparent tile on another plate. Overall, I recommend this set and I hope the rest of the 2015 Star Wars set is on par.

Inside the box are four bags, a book and a sticker. There are only six stickers included, but I was wondering if the shape of the box would make the sheet slippery when travelling because it didn’t backboard.

Three of the four minifigures included in this set are exclusive and I’m sure the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) agent Kallus will be popular as he plays a vital role in the Star Wars Rebels. 

Kallus helmets are new and completely accurate to display using detailed design and print design. His head was printed on either side with a fancy expression and the other a sad smile. Usually, there are wonderful lumps on either side, even hidden when wearing his helmet. 

The trunk is printed with a weapon and mark marker, while its feet are thin black and bear a Bo-Rifle laser, which is actually two bastards mounted on a piece of tile. This is one of my favorite full-wave minifigures as much as I like the character and I’m not sure how to improve the shape!

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