we've made it - LEGO Star Wars AT-ST Walker 75153

LEGO Star Wars AT-ST Walker 75153

After its collapse, equipment belonging to the Galactic Empire was often abandoned before being saved by criminal groups. The recurring incident was displayed on the lego star wars at st walker 75254  Raider featuring some colourless and realistic exposed wiring.

However, its design looks familiar to the 75153 AT-ST Walker. The previous Imperial model certainly inspired some of the manufacturing techniques used here, though that sounds reasonable. However, the exclusive mini-games are likely to prove very popular and the most appealing of these is the enigmatic Mandalorian.

The set consists of three pouch numbers, with a single instruction leaflet covering 161 steps. First, build the base of the main AT-ST thyristor and it is obvious that there are some interesting features in the final model. The base includes gears that form a vertical technical axis, the object of which will be apparent later (or apparent to experienced manufacturers). 

The rest of the walker body includes some very serious and sometimes SNOTs, with the most technical supporting structure. The sides of the AT-ST body lean against the real thing, mounted on Technic pins and hooks (as opposed to the clips that held the edges below the corner to the smaller AT-STs during the 8038 Endor Battle).

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The finished model of lego star wars at st walker

At $ 40, it is a large AT-ST, with some stability and bends to it, and towers over the minifigs 9 “(24 cm) high. The legs can move on their own and the body can One disadvantage is that the larger body (compared to the previous AT-ST at least MINIFIG) won’t include two minifigs of lego rogue one at st – you can’t put Chewie and Ewok side by side so they can put a surprise surprise on their opponents especially people and their droid. Again, the minifigs are well-known and have wide hips, so it’s unavoidable on a realistic scale like this.

Of course, the set includes shotguns, which shoot with hidden spikes in the background.

 And I have to say that I still admire how LEGO designers started to integrate rocket launchers better with integrated sets (like the low Joker).

At st walker lego well-integrated playback features I know that other reviewers have pointed out that they are a little big – and of course they are actually a little higher than the level should be. However, larger portions of the parts and their larger size allow for good configuration and detail.

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The mini-load of at st walker lego

The range includes an updated AT-ST driver with printed helmets, along with two Rebel characters from Rogue One. Each comes with a detailed trunk print and legs. But most importantly, I love that there is only one light in this range – the LEGO world needs more diversity.

The set consists of three Minifigures and has 449 pieces. In terms of construction, I find the range relatively easy to put together due to the symmetrical vehicle design. 

One welcome option in the design is for me that the lines are not a lot of stickers, as it is pretty hopeless and I have when faced with the difficult task of putting the stickers on a tiny LEGO that brick. I have also found in the past that some stickers do not add much visibility to a set.

Additional abused arms protect the legs and the character bears an unusually dark blue cap. This fabric element feels a bit stiffer and narrower than standard LEGO stamps, faithfully mimicking the on-screen mandalas. His simple helmet looks exactly the same, but the underside of the head is clear, so it gives no clue as to the identity of the mysterious protagonist.

Cara Dune carries another important firearm and has heavy weapons. The silver metallic design looks brilliant on his body and I like the contrast of the dark blue panels that hold the legs going. It also includes a shiny blue sheet and looks beautiful, though it fits in with the original material and the silver elements are great.

So far, I’ve found a little more, as the stickers emphasize specific parts of the set, such as legs and the natural cockpit, adding some welcome details.

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 I noticed, upon completion of the construction, that the model was larger than my original thought. Of course, I’m not complaining, as the increased size allows more detail to be added. Given its size, I was surprised at how stable our ST Walker was. Truthfully, it doesn’t have any hinges, but at least I don’t have to worry about dropping it all year. In terms of game mechanics, the AT-ST Cockpit can have enough spin with a speed behind Walker.

This magical hunter uses an interesting blaster rifle, drawing inspiration from Boba Fett’s weapon that appeared in the Star Wars Holiday Special.

 Lego at st walker unique slats are well copied, but the stock is missing which failed, but I think the rifle looks unbalanced without this feature. However, I appreciate this unique accessory.

The double sides of the head show the same attention to detail, with a small tattoo. It actually describes the emblem of the revolutionary alliance, but at st lego set shape is not recognized here. Two great expressions are included and the black hair element seems appropriate compared to the television series, especially since it hangs on a perfectly perfect shoulder.

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