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LEGO Star Wars Bounty Hunter Pursuit 7133

Lego star wars bounty hunter pursuit 7133 was released in 2002 with 253 titles in Star Wars Episode II: The Attack of Clones. It includes the Coruscant air coil and the Zam Wesell aircraft. There are the miniatures Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode II, no coat), Anakin Skywalker (Episode II, no coat) and Zam Wessell, unique in this series.

Zam Wesell’s speed unit is built-in green and orange to represent the movie version. He is armed with two small wings. The cab can be opened and closed. Behind the cab is a bunch of transparent curved pieces that look like a continuous but sturdy cab, with just a little space below that doesn’t fit into the miniature.

Anakin Skywalker’s pilot is built in yellow bricks. Bounty hunter pursuit has a tailgate with a flap that opens and closes and an engine in front. Lego bounty hunter pursuit fits two characters; the one on the left is the pilot.

Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker both have bright blue tables with silver coffee; Zam Wessell has a black musk.

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Background of lego star wars bounty hunter pursuit

Jango Fett engaged Zam Wessell to assassinate Senator Amidala. When Zam Wessell sent toxic creatures to Padme’s chamber, Anakin and Obi-Wan came to rescue him. Anakin killed creatures while Obi-Wan jumped on a droid that had left creatures there. Anakin fetched a yellow cruise control as the droid flew, Obi-Wan below. 

Zam Wessell fired a droid and dropped Obi-Wan to the ground, but Anakin flew underneath and caught him. Anakin jumped yellow at the speed of Zam Wessell and landed. Obi-Wan arrived at a yellow speed and they headed for the building where Zam Wessell had fled. 

Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi are on the way to bounty hunter Zam Wesell! He flies his boat in the streets of Coruscant at a slow speed, but they do not give up. Can Anakin and Obi-Wan catch him before the accident? Includes Anakin, Obi-Wan and Zam Wesell.

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Special Note for bounty hunter pursuit,must try

  • This is the first and only Star Wars to introduce Zam Wessell.
  • The orbits are based on the yellow and green pattern of attacking clones; rare colours elsewhere in the theme.
  • Zam Wessell’s boat wings may fall, as in a movie.
  • Both ships appeared in the LEGO Star Wars series: The Complete Saga, Anakin’s Ship as a Playable Vehicle, and Zam Wessell’s Ship Boss.

Specification of lego star wars bounty hunter pursuit 

  • LEGO’s famous nesting cobbles meet Star Wars
  • A total of 253 songs
  • Includes Zam Wessel, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan
  • Kenobi-minifigures
  • Recreate Star Wars Episode II Quick Training
  • For over 7-year-olds

The level begins as in a movie when cars fly by plane. Anakin and Obi-Wan drive at their own speed when they are between two force fields. To destroy them, they had to launch torpedoes on six yellow objects. After driving the speed player again, they find themselves again between two force fields, but this time there are 12 yellow objects in the torpedoes. After the success, they shot Zam Wesell’s speed and the level ended. 

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Episode II, Chapter 1:Let’s go

Getting started with Episode II at the vehicle level – that’s not the best way to start, but besides the Minikit cans, which are a bit tricky, it’s not that bad. My advice, as for the second level of the vehicle, is to not stop shooting. Shoot everything.

Drive a little ahead and you will see a large turquoise column that looks glowing. You must draw ten to get the cartridge, and you will find six in this first area. There is the first; given their size, they are not usually difficult to see. They should not have trouble finding them. If you go a little further, you’ll see how the ball comes back with red neon balls. 

They help you destroy things that you can not destroy with regular fire. Collect some, then go right and follow the path. Gradually, you encounter five weapons that shoot you until they are destroyed. You deserve a can after destroying them all. After the fourth turquoise column, you should see a skyscraper with big dots on the right. 

Use the pink balls to destroy them and recover the can. Then you will look like a big brown hole at the entrance to the next area. Pull the taillight in front of it, then pull on the vehicle that appears with the mark of the cartridge. Now, go through the hole.

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Full details of lego bounty hunter pursuit 

Instantly, many guns will shoot you into the force field trap. Start by destroying these weapons, three on the left front and three on the right front. You can shoot all the red dots on the ground for the capsule. Fly over two bright spots on the ground to get the pink ball dispenser and destroy the yellow generators to disable the force field.

If you move to the right, you will find a building with lighthouses. Activate them all before we go out and a red ball will appear below. Shoot it with the pink ball to get Power Brick – Stud Magnet. Five more weapons have to be destroyed for two capsules, two of which are in the tunnel at the end of the area. Shortly after the zone begins, you should see three black triangular panels on the right. Shoot them to turn them green and shoot them all to defeat the can.

The next area is the same as the previous force field, but there are more firearms and lights to fly over before decommissioning. The last canister is also here, and it has been obtained by pulling red dots on the ground as before.

Finally, you’ll encounter Zam Wesell’s boats before the end of the level. Continue shooting and avoid enemy fire, and you will easily win.

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