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LEGO Star Wars Geonosian Fighter 4478

The cloning wars have begun. The troops of Geonosis challenge the Jedi. If they use the right speed and manoeuvrability, they can find a victory. Guided by Geonosian pilot wings with wings and battle assisted by droids, all Jedi dexterity and courage must stop. It includes two battle soldiers, one Geonosian commander and one Geonosian soldier. The set includes 169 LEGO songs.

Lego star wars geonosian fighter 4478 is a Star Wars Attack series from the clone series released in 2003. It features a Geonosian Warrior, a Geonosian Pilot and two Geonosian Battle Droid minifigures.

The asteroid fighter is manufactured using SNOT technology, with pins facing outwards, down, on both sides. The lateral sections were identical. The top and bottom were not identical, but they were very similar. At the top, there is a hollow section where the zonal manager can be placed. It was armed with a weapon, unlike the 2011 version that also had bombs/missiles. It could rotate in two ways independently. The engine was built in the same way and can also be rotated.

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LEGO Star Wars Geonosian Starfighter 7959 VS Geonosian Fighter 4478

The Geonosian Starfighter has two horizontal motor spikes and a weapon that connects them together.

The upper ridge has a nearby cabin at the rear, with light brown walls and a long dark brown piece that extends forward. The engine fits under the cab and may turn slightly. The four-light brown pieces are used to show the protection around the engine. There is a gap in front of the engine on the other part that holds both teeth together. At the end of this is a gun that can rotate 180 degrees. Behind the weapon are two dark gray 4×4 rounds. The bottom hook is the same as the upper hook except for the missing part of the cab. At the lower end is a door that can be opened to drop the bomb.

The series includes three minidresses: the redesigned Geonosian Pilot, the dark gray ARC commander, and the exclusive Ki-Adi-Mundi blue light.

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Full details of Geonosian Fighter 4478

The series also included the LR1K cannon, which the Geonosian Warrior was working on. He stands on the brick attached to the gun and his hands grip the controls. The whole assembly can be rotated to its bottom. The gun itself was built on a TECHNIC rod with many round pieces attached to it. These agile needle fighters were through the clone wars used by the Geons to defend their foundries. They worked both in the atmosphere and in the space, providing a 360-degree angle for onboard pilots. Among the “needle tips” was a laser cannon capable of shooting purple laser bursts from multiple angles.

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Note and details of lego star wars geonosian fighter

  • This was the only series that included the Geonosian Battle Droid. The battleships were painted brown/brown instead of regular brown.
  • Star wars geonosian starfighterwas released in 2003 in a black box, and again in 2004 in a blue box.
  • Another Geonosian Starfighter, 7959 Geonosian Starfighter, was released in the summer of 2011.
  • Another LR1K based series was made in 2012 under the name 9491 Geonosian Cannon.
  • Lego geonosian fighter Recommended for ages 7-12 years
  • Contains 189 pieces, including 4 minifigures
  • Released in 2003 – Retired!

Background of lego geonosian fighter”

The ancient god was a ship originally designed for landowners to guard their area. The only asteroid was usually armed with laser cannon and launchers. Two of these constellations were guarded by a separate leader, Count Dooku, who fled during the first battle of Geonosis. Asteroids succeeded in destroying the aggressive LAT / I Republic that carried Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, but not before the Jedi were able to land from their ship. Geonosian starfighters saw use in many other battles during the Clone Wars.

The Generals also used the Geonosians’ sound cannon in the first battle of Geonosis, producing a powerful energy shock ball so powerful that it was able to instantly kill most of its enemies with a direct hit. Google the Lesser rushed to make cannons when he entered the separatists, while there were several cannons in the Geonosis execution area. The cannons were developed during the subsequent Geonosis battles during the Clone Wars.

This game is the most powerful vehicle next to the Hailfire droid and the giant movie thing that every Geonosian had to fight against the droids. It’s more versatile than the Jedi Starfighter, though, with only one cannon, it holds it fast. They are powerful in attacking packages, as when Aniken was aboard a Republic warship, two Geonosian fighters shot the ship as soon as Aniken exited. 

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