It's Show time with the Republic Gunship 7676

LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship 7676

Republic Gunship or LAAT (Low Altitude Assault Transport) can do this. This heavily armed result reef is effective in air-to-air and air-to-ground battle and troop/transport delivery. 

They played their key reel in almost every clone of the wars in the atmospheric battle and were one of the most well-known and beloved ships in the Star Wars universe. 

This compact brick model has an excellent smooth shape. It was built to be strong, holding two minifigs in cabs, and with a functional sliding door with large body space.

Lego star wars republic gunship 7676 is best. The model also includes a list of parts and instructions for alternative wing design if you want the miniatures to fit in the wings just as you would with the old kits.

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Notes for lego star wars republic gunship 7676

This purchase is for guide and parts listings ONLY. Keep in mind that prices tend to change in the brick-and-mortar market.

  • BrickLink Price: ~ $ 225 – $ 250 USD (both versions of the wing assembly)
  • The number of parts: 1551 pieces and 1587 pieces for alternative wing design.
  • Dimensions: Length 46 cm (including cannons) 36cm (no cannon length), width 43 cm, height 15 cm

Join the Clone Wars action with Republic Attack Gunship 7676 from the Lego Star Wars Collection. Lots of cannon, spy droids, and missile launches to start the big fight. This kit is based on the fun of both serious Lego builders and Star Wars collectors. This series is recommended for 9 to 14-year-olds with lots of small parts and step by step instructions. Like lego star wars 7676 republic attack gunship, it also offers the ability to keep creative adults entertained for hours.

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Confront the Separatist Crisis

Dragging from the plethora of Star Wars film, Clone Wars is part of the story behind the galactic internal upheaval that set the stage for the original trilogy. They will be filmed in a new animated movie, TV series, and video game that will help fill in the gaps between other films. This series allows you to be a part of the action. Begin your fight with separatists in the Republic Attack Gunship, a heavily armed and armoured Clone Wars that is ready to attack even the most hostile terrain.

Lego characters represent well-known characters Obi-Wan Kenobi, Plo Koon, Asajj Ventress and Commander Cody. Of course, there are also a Clone Trooper minifigures. It has a cool speed wheel that runs from the rear and loads of stickers to create different warships for your army. Put your favorite character with a Jedi or Sith lantern in red, and let the inner battles begin. There is a healing room to help your character recharge after a tough battle.

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Preparing Your Gunship for Battle in lego star wars the clone wars sets republic gunship

Lego star wars republic gunship with 1,034 pieces in 18 sacks and two manuals, the Attack Gunship Record Gun took our eight-year tester less than eight hours to build.

 It broke the structure in three shorter sessions to make it more enjoyable and only had a little difficulty. The Lego instructions are known to be colourful and precise, but there were a handful of songs in our booklet that showed clearly when they were really crystal clear. This did nothing to reduce our appreciation for this model. 

Our auditor tried to find something negative and gave this boat a million fun results, on a scale of one to ten! Unexpected blades, unique sliding doors, cart and emergency capsule for sick and injured characters who are great lists of features. 

And that’s not all. Also, have lego star wars clone republic gunship. The front side of the tray, which is opened to remove the command station, installed on the top of the eight palonkäynnistintä, two rotating in front of a rocket and an upper compartment which opens so that users can enjoy a spy.

When asked if this warship was a drawback, the pilot could only answer, “It’s the best ever! I like the whole series.” Soon after completing construction, he fought a great battle with all his collectors and commented that the series contains up-to-date songs he had never seen before. Lego star wars the clone wars sets republic gunship is easy to use.

While only Republic Attack’s Gunship has a plethora of features to keep a kid interested for a long time, we can imagine how fun it would be for a bunch of friends and brothers and all of their Star Warships. 

We also appreciate how Lego systems never limit your imagination. All the beautiful equipment that makes up the Attack Republic camp can be used to build any structure or vehicle your child dreams of.


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