Separatists Shuttle 8036 - Yes, it's avialable

LEGO Star Wars Separatists Shuttle 8036

Conquer space with the Separatists. Includes 5 minifigures: Viceroy Nute Gunray, Anaconda Farr, droid pilots, and 2 battle droids. Features of cockpit opening and tow landing gear. Turn the handle to open the back hat and hide inside the Nute Gunray. The vessels measure 7 “(17.8 cm) long 3” wide (7.6 cm) by 7 “(17.8 cm) high. Fit 259 pieces.

Separatist Kit 8036 Separatist was released in August 2009 as part of the third wave of The Clone Wars. Includes two Battle Droids minifigures, star wars separatist shuttle a Pilot Battle Droid, Anaconda Farr and Nute Gunray. It has 259 pieces.

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Manufacturer of Separatists Shuttle

The separatist ship gives Nute Gunray to invade, plunder and fight planets throughout the galaxy. With a drug pilot and two battle bodyguards to carry out his commands, the Federation Trade Officer plans to recruit Onaconda Farr on the Separatist side – whether Senator Rodian wants it or not. The shuttle features removable landing gear, opening cockpit and passenger compartment seating.

The set depicts a dividing bus with its remarkable dorsal fin and has a gray and blue colour to match. The set has a front cockpit area that can accommodate a droid and the opaque projector can be raised. Three transparent blue lights are mounted On the back of the ship is a small seat that can hold a Minifigure that can be removed from the boat. 

Lego separatist shuttle is sealed on the ship with a door, which is controlled by a mechanism using technical pieces, where the rotation of gear will move the door. The bus has four landing arms, two on each side, which can be deployed. 

Lego star wars separatist set includes five minifigures – Onaconda Farr exclusively in this set, Nute Gunray, Pilot Battle Droid and two standard Droids combat. This ship gets a rough deal. It is a bit compact but has a nice design. The simple point can be eliminated if your goal is to play seriously here. It has five minifigures (especially two) and the beautiful opening/closing of the room is pretty good. Overall a pretty funny addition to any Star Wars Lego !! “May strength be with you”

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Specifications of Separatists Shuttle,try now

Lego star wars separatist shuttle includes 5 minifigures: Viceroy Nute Gunray, Anaconda Farr, pilot droid and 2 battle droids!

It has an opening cockpit and tow traction system!

Turn the button to open the back door and hide the Nute Gunray inside!

The bus measures 7 inches (17.8 cm) wide by 3 inches (7.6 cm) high by 7 inches (17.8 cm) high!

The Sheathipede type ship was a ship used by FED members for transportation to other planets. These buses were often known to have their cabs replaced by automated pilots. Nute Gunray belonged to one of these buses, called the Lapiz Cutter, which was not armed but had strong ramp shields. Bottom line: Shipping itself is good. 

Nothing surprising, but what do you expect from the price. It’s small, elegant and easy to assemble. However, the characters are scary. The details of the Senator and Viceroy’s face are in perfect harmony. Droids are great droids: simple and general. Aside from the characters, the point of honour is the best part of this LEGO team. For less than thirty dollars you can’t beat boats and characters.

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Sort details of lego star wars separatist sets

The Shuttle Bus transports Nute Gunray to invade, plunder, and fight planets throughout the galaxy! With a drug pilot and two battle bodyguards to execute his orders, the Vice-President of the Trade Federation plans to hire Onaconda Farr on the Separatist side – whether or not the Roman senator likes it! 

The bus has a removable landing system, an open lounge and a passenger compartment hut. Includes Nute Gunray, fighter pilot, 2 combat droids and Anaconda Farr elements.

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