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LEGO Star Wars at-TE Walker 7675

7675 AT-TE Walker was released on July 26, 2008, as part of LEGO Star Wars: The Line of Stolen Wars. The set consists of 798 pieces and includes Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Rotta, Captain Rex, Clone Trooper and mini Droid fighters. The range also includes a basic walker and a small STAP droid, also designed for Clone Wars. 

Some notable features of the AT-TE include the ability to open both the front and rear hatches to reveal the interior, the cockpit with controls, the rotating Blaster gun, the rotating balls in the front and rear and some removable units, at te walker

also has the option of eliminating the collapse of the 10195 Republic Dropship set with the AT-OT Walker, through the retractable handle at the centre of the model. This is the second version of AT-TE, the first is the 4482 AT-TE version released in 2003.

The set itself is relatively large compared to other LEGO models that are comparable in price and number of routes. It is about the same size as the Clone Turbo Tank. The range has the ability to open both the front and rear roof, giving access to the front and rear interior. 

At the front are two chairs and a small wrapped module that includes a closet similar to the one above the 2008 National Military Staff Bay, which is located and stored behind the chairs. At the back, there are four chairs and a shelf for four blasters all on a removable platform.

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Details of at te walker,try now

These parts are protected by an external shield, which can be opened or removed. Located on top of the front roof is the vehicle’s main gun, the rotating gun. There is another seat just behind the gun, for a soldier clone to fight the gun. 

At the front of the model is the cockpit, with an air-opening door, which is punctuated by four rotating ball turrets. Lego star wars at te walker inside the cockpit is the operator’s seat and controlled everything can be put together. 

There are also two more bullet turrets located behind the model and can also rotate. Underneath the two upper ball turrets in front of the stroller are two spring missiles that, when fired, can be fired by some force. 

They act by pressing the back of the two caps together with two top-four spherical turrets on either side of the cockpit until the rubber rocket is released. These missiles replaced the amazing missiles that existed in almost every other time series of this time.

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Best star wars at te walker

When the droids attack, it’s time to call the lego star wars at te walker strong! This powerful 6-foot stroller features details directly from clone positions, including position legs, mobile weapons, rocket launchers and armoured hats and detergents. open to reveal the cockpit and dock. Even as the STAP vehicle flies, there is a chance for the droid to fight against Anakin Skywalker and the Army Clone of the Republic!

The main tank of the Grand Army of the Republic, the All Terrain Tactical Enforcer has six articulated legs for propulsion. Lego star wars clone wars at te walker feet are low to the ground, reducing the final speed of the player but providing increased stability. Star wars at te walker body of the stroller are made up of two armoured halves attached to a flexible sleeve that increases field mobility. 

The stroller is actually all over the ground, able to climb large surfaces and survive the outside vacuum. The front of the stroller is lined with four bulletproof lasers, while a single heavy rifle is mounted on a turret on the dorsal surface of the vehicle. The rear arc of the fire is protected by a pair of laser cannons. Although the armour can easily destroy small arms fire, rockets can penetrate the AT-TE weapon and destroy complex propulsion mechanisms.

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Who would like to use lego star wars clone wars at te walker

Even with the STAP vehicle flying, there is a chance of the droid racing against Anakin Skywalker and the Army Clone of the Republic

Armoured hatches and cockpit cabinet and detachment open to reveal inside

Flexible feet, movable cannons and site-firing projectiles.

Two Clone Soldiers Fight for the Steps of Anakin, Ahosa, and Rota to Fight at STAP

Contains 798 pieces

AT-TE or the All Terrain Tactical Enforcer is a full tracker used by the Great Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. The multipurpose walker was used for many things ranging from transporting Clone Troopers to full attacks. They are often deployed in huge numbers to simply overwhelm the enemies with pure numbers. 

The walker has the ability to rise on vertical platforms and is used in battlefields. It brought enough fuel to travel 310 miles and enough recycled air to pick up the crew for three weeks. The walker was staffed by a team of ten cloning soldiers and a gunner, consisting of a foot control pilot, a finder, a top cannon shooter, and four internal gunners for other weapons. 

Walking. The walker is invisible because of the electromagnetic protection it provides. The vehicle’s most powerful weapon is a cannon-driven cannon at the top of the stroller, capable of loading a wide range of heavy energy weapons and a variety of solid shells. 

Four smaller laser cannons are located around the cockpit, while two more are located around the rear walker. Pedestrians are susceptible to direct visits of Hailfire Droids and various airstrikes. AT-TE is known as the forerunner of AT-AT Walker who was known for fighting democracy during the empire but never saw AT-TE again.

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